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  1. Preparedness - First Steps

    Preppers are among the most resourceful and responsible groups of people in the entire world! Here in a nutshell are some things you can do right now, with little expense, to increase your security, preparedness and your confidence.
  2. Some Myths About Bugging Out on Foot

    In every forum and thread about bugging out on foot, one tends to see selected pieces of advice. Some gear related, some how-to’s and others just general observations. But several times, we see so called “myths” about bugging out on foot and the problems that can come from that.
  3. What to do if a Nuclear Disaster is Imminent!

    Your top priority right now, though, is preparing for your own immediate family survival! WHAT TO DO IF A NUCLEAR DISASTER IS IMMINENT! This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attacks with expected blast destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind.
  4. Survival in Hostile Terrain Following SHTF

    The odds of surviving an event known as Survival in Hostile Terrain Following catastrophic events (SHTF) are decisively weighed towards those who are prepared. A SHTF event can be man-made; nuclear, biological, and/or chemical warfare (NBC), civil unrest, coup de tat, etc. It can also be natural: earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, etc. There can also be a combination thereof since a severe storm can cause the cessation of public infrastructure and civil unrest can ensue. It takes more than being well supplied or armed to survive; it also requires an objective.
  5. Survival Generator FAQ

    We have become so dependent on electrical power that many of us have or will be soon purchasing generators for standby power during emergencies. Selecting a generator is not complex, requiring the answer to two questions: What do I want to power with the generator, and what fuel do I want to use?
  6. Basic Comms - Level 1 - Portable

    Well, I was bored today and thought I’d post something of substance, and contribute to the board. I thought I’d outline how I have my comms setup and maybe give people some ideas about their own comms. This post will about first line comms, or Level 1. This is a system I used to try and keep everything organized. All of my preparations basically involve 3. So I setup my comms systems the same way. I figured I’d outline what I considered Level 1 comms. Level 1 comms is small, hand held and portable. Let me know what you guys think.
  7. Portable Fuel Storage - Jerry Can FAQ

    This Portable Fuel Storage: Choosing the Right Jerry Can paper has been written to educate people on the different types of jerry cans designed and built to store and dispense gasoline or diesel fuel. After reading this paper, it is hoped that the reader can then make an informed decision on which jerry can best fits his needs. Like anything else, there are very good jerry fuel cans, good jerry cans and not so good jerry cans. This paper will show which ones are which.
  8. Radiation 101

    A little very basic radiation information for those who care and don't already know.
  9. Bug out Vehicle FAQ

    Most of us have some sort of bugout by vehicle plan in place. The first questions to answer are what to I need to carry, and where am I going? Leaving one rural area for another is a far different scenario than an urban area escape, and a large family is a far different than a single guy.
  10. Cold Weather Survival

    Real quick on first aid is to use the buddy system and your home work is to look in the first aid manual and brush up on frost bit and other Cold Weather injuries. Then while out in the field keep an eye on your buddy and he will keep an eye on you. We will go over the Cold weather cautions at the FTX in Highland county. The rest of this is out of the FM 31-70 manual
  11. Ham Radio - An Elmer's Guide

    A long tradition, since the beginning of radio, has been for amateur to assist newcomers in getting thier license. Nobody knows for sure why, but the one teaching ahs always been referred to as an "Elmer". That said, I am creating this page to assist as a study aid. Study the material I post, and take the practice tests at and you should pass your tech test with ease.
  12. Survival First Aid

    When journeying into the wilderness it is important to carry a complete first aid kit and book. It is also wise to take a first aid course. A good diet, cleanliness and appropriate clothing will lower the risk of harmful situations.
  13. Survival Medicine Thoughts

    I view the world of medicine thru 3 windows. First is the window thru which I am currently employed. It is the world where one has an entire hospital to back you up. It is the place where a higher level of medical care is only a shout away. This is where guidelines like "Do not remove impaled object from the patient", or "Keep the C collar on until the Doctor clears the spine" should be followed.
  14. Sam Splints

    Let me start by saying that I know little of what each of you has in terms of knowledge and supplies for dealing with a medical emergency. If you have some training, I encourage you to get more. If you have a basic first aid kit, double what supplies are in it. Triple them if you have the chance.
  15. Blow Out Kits

    This, in my humble opinion, is the bare minimum that a first aid kit should have. It should be on, or near you at all times. (By that I mean no more than 1 reach away from you). It is not meant to be a comprehensive kit, but rather something to hold the blood while you try to remember where your main first aid kit is. It consists of:
  16. Human Blood Type Compatibility Charts

    Please consult with a medical professional before following any of this advice. We are merely passing the below as information that has been found or sent to us over the years.
  17. 50 BMG Ammo Identification Chart

    Ammunition for use in machine guns is issued in metallic link belts. Link belts are made of units of cartridges and links. Each link has two loops fitted around a single cartridge and one loop fitted around an adjacent cartridge. Each cartridge in a metallic link belt has two links attached to it, except the end cartridges
  18. Short Range Media Penetration by 50 BMG AP Rounds

    50BMG penetration Table From "The Ulimate Sniper" by Maj. John L. Plaster, USAR (Ret). page 222
  19. Ideal Survival Rifle

    This article is an attempt to select an "ideal rifle". What this means is that if you were forced to select a single rifle to rely upon for your survival, what would it be. The scenarios could range anywhere from a current day home defense weapon all the way up to global disasters and the aftermath that follows (TEOTWAWKI) and everything in between.
  20. Survival Reloading - Ammo

    Reloading is an age old hobby and a "must have" for Survival situations. It requires little to no electricity and effectively supplies the survivalist with a means to "recycle" spent brass; using long-lasting, previously stockpiled components.
  21. Water Storage Container FAQ V2.5

    The following Water Storage Container Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is designed to answer basic questions about commonly used containers for storing water, either short or long term. All of these containers discussed below (except where noted) are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is certified by the FDA for storing potable water (i.e. drinking water).
  22. Finding Fat Lighter - Fatwood - Firestarter

    If you live around or travel through some pine woods, take a walk one day and get some fat lighter wood. Fat lighter, fatwood, etc. is basically very old pine wood that has a high concentration of flammable sap. The tree's sap was concentrated in the stump when it fell or was cut down. Then, the sap dried. Here are a few pointers in looking for your fat lighter, should you pass through an area with pine woods.
  23. Lights Out by David Crawford aka Halffast

    It had been so easy. Eight nuclear tipped ballistic missiles that the former Soviet Union had reported as destroyed. And at only five million soon to be worthless dollars apiece, they were quite a bargain. Then, three million for a Chinese scientist to tweak them for the desired effect. Of course the scientist was smart enough to demand his payment in gold. But that was no problem; it was pocket change to the billionaire. The oilman already had the tankers to deliver the payload. He had just modified them so that each one had a launch tube that would be very difficult to find, even if the idiots who imported his oil bothered to look.
  24. Survival Forum FAQ

    This is actually the very first page in's history - circa 2004. It was an expanded sticky from the survival forum at and was a way to keep some of the more Frequently Asked Questions archived since that forum software couldn't handle it other than stickies.
  25. About Us

    The Survival Monkey was born when the Survival Forum at needed a spot to store some of it's information. At that time, Arfcom didn't have any tools for the guys and gals of the SF to archive frequently asked questions other than 'stickies'. I offered some server space for the SF to use and created SM.
  26. 30 Day Site Stats

    30 day rolling snapshot of site visitors to
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