‘Tolerance’ sounds great. But is there no limit to what we can wisely ‘tolerate’?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by john316, Aug 18, 2016.

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    ‘Tolerance’ sounds great. But is there no limit to what we can wisely ‘tolerate’?

    AVERY GOOD READ branding Republicans who would limit Muslim immigration “Islamophobes”


    The Rev. Haynes, of course, proceeds to push all-out for a vote for Hillary in November, branding Republicans who would limit Muslim immigration “Islamophobes” — “phobia,” for the record, being defined as an “irrational” fear, a form of mental illness. Apparently Mr. Haynes also has psychiatric credentials, which modesty has thus far forbidden him to disclose.

    The flaw here is the presumption that the people of America — a paragon of religious tolerance and separation of church and state on the world stage for more than two centuries — must admit into our midst millions more people who demonstrate they have no wish to assimilate, no wish to become regular Americans, no wish to embrace nor even any evidence to offer that they so much as grasp our cherished concepts of tolerance and pluralism and separation of church and state — and that we Americans must then once again prove our bona fides by “tolerating” them . . . while this would-be bridgehead of millions of taqiyya-practicing immigrants bear no obligation to convince us they’re going to learn and embrace tolerance on the American model, that they’re going to abandon their well-established, 1,300-year-old written doctrines that instruct them any “non-believer” must be attacked or murdered or subjugated, that every homosexual must be put to death, that they have every right to harass or rape any western woman who refuses to adopt their ridiculous requirement that all women garb themselves like Egyptian mummies straight from the tomb; that fathers and brothers have a right and duty to murder any sister or daughter who adopts American or European dating habits and styles of dress..................."

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    They are intolerant, but after a few years spent living in the Great Satan, our dirt has to rub off on them, then what?

    The real USA culture of drugs, sex and rock n roll, along with the constant barrage of brainwashing from TV, radio, internet, and other forms of media that will break down inhibitions and mental barriers. Peer pressure at work and school will contribute to the assimilation.

    Their bodies and minds will succumb to the effects of fluoride in the water, GMO foods, hormones in their chicken and beef, and the constant spray of toxic aerosol cocktails from chemtrails in the air.

    10 years from now Mr. Rashid will be taking weekend jaunts called business trips to Las Vegas. Mrs. Rashid will be supporting Max Factor and Revlon with her share of the family income, grocery shopping in her flashy high heels and short dresses with blouses sporting as much cleavage as possible, and Rashid Jr, will be sneaking out to smoke pot with his buddies, getting tattooed and being trained in all the juvenile delinquent acts of normal American teenagers.

    Mr. Rashid may not eat bacon, and will still do his daily prayer ritual, but will toss down Johnny Walker at every opportunity to help alieve the mental anguish he will be enduring as his wife has assumed the role of an American bitch, and now controls him through sex.

    Poor, poor people, they have no idea that they have been thrown to the lions and the true fate that awaits them as they are pressure molded into modern Amerikans.

    mideast under control.
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    The USSA way of living will rub off on them? Tell that to the 27 (that the lamestream media is willing admit to) "honor murders" in the US. Mostly Dearborne, MI of course. Go on You-tube and watch at least that many while US thug... er...crimin... er poLICE watch and do nothing in the back ground. Just saw a piece (might have been a month or two ago when it happened) that some woman who supported freedom in some backward hellhole was strangled by her brother for bringing "dishonor" on the family for wanting to be free.

    And Billary stated she wants a 500% increase in these savages coming to the US. With NO vetting of course.
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