“instant death penalty.” I like this guy

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    No chance but I like this guy!

    DETROIT (WWJ) – Prosperous suburbs surrounding Detroit — and even the struggling enclaves within — are working to distance themselves from a city in financial ruin.
    In Hamtramck, one City Council candidate is taking that idea to the extreme.
    Richard Fabiszak has proposed that Hamtramck build a 12 or 14-foot wall around the city, keeping out Detroiters, and requiring state-issued identification to get in....

    A second item on Fabiszak’s platform that’s raising eyebrows is a call for an “instant death penalty.” In recent media interviews, Fabiszak explained this policy would stop those who are jailed and then “get out and do the same thing over again.”
    He also wants to instate 24/7 City Hall office hours, lower taxes, get rid of “crack and dope pushers,” and revitalize the business district.

    Should Hamtramck Erect A 12-Foot Wall To Keep Out Detroiters? « CBS Detroit
  2. kellory

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    Sounds like a police lock-down, to me. I would hate to be on his "undesirables list". Maybe my kid takes his allergy pills at school, and someone decides there must be a drug-pusher involved? I gave the kid his pills, they gonna toss me out of my house, and shoot me in the streets for it?
    "Oh sorry Ma'am, we thought your husband was making meth with the red phosphorous method. How were we to know he had a good reason to be using that drug, and supplying it to kids?" Do you mind if we look through your house and gun safe while we are here? It will save us a trip next week, when you try to tell people what happened in your E-mails. Sorry about your phone service too, that cut-off is automatic, if there is a crime commited, it shouldn't take more than a week or two to clear that up, What's that? I'm sorry, I mis-spoke, that should be if we THINK a crime was commited. No, No, we don't think you are guilty too, I mean guilty, but we have to treat you as a criminal until we know for sure you are not.
    Oh, by the way, you have an overdue library book, and a parking ticket to pay still. and you have a week to have that front door repaired, before you get ticketed for littering........"
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    Let's see...

    24/7 City Hall office hours + lowered taxes.
    Fight Crime "Vigorously" + lowered taxes.
    Free Parking in the City + lowered taxes.
    Build 12 foot wall around city + lowered taxes.
    Clean the Streets + lowered taxes.
    Reconstruct Business District + lowered taxes.

    Is anybody else catching the problem here?

    The ONLY path to liberty is through decreasing the size, scope and authority of government. Period. Now, if this guy was smart, and I'm not exactly saying he isn't, despite the evidence which suggests otherwise, he would offer a platform more in line with the tenets of liberty and freedom and encourage the GOOD people to accept more responsibility. This means door-to-door, get to know your neighbor, grassroots, crime watch and every NON felon to carry a weapon and USE THEM when necessary. There's your "instant" death penalty. There's your liberty. There's your wall. You STOP crime by removing government from the equation and encouraging the people themselves to take up the fight without hindrance and without question. Sounds a little like Anarchy to some...sounds like liberty to me.

    One thing is for certain, never trust anybody who promises you they are going to get "tougher" on crime for you. That's our job, as citizens, and for those CIVILIAN POLICE who are supposed to have our back.
  4. ghrit

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    For sure, the path to independence and freedom is NOT to depend on dot gov to do it for you. I like the idea of getting the sheep to grow a set. The question remains, how? It will NOT happen in what passes for an education system as presently constituted. Boomers may be the last generation capable of thought, and even that is questionable.
  5. Brokor

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    Oh, I believe a few of us 'X' types have it figured out well enough, too =)
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    You know it is a damn shame when you forget what generation the society jammed you into..... not a boomer.... guess I am the pepsi generation... think the gen X'rs are younger... where is the chart when you need it. [dunno]

    If the locals vote this guy in the worst they will get is more of the same, the upside is he may make a positive change. Downside- never trust a man that promises the moon, and to be tax neutral or to lessen them by some majic!!!
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  7. NotSoSneaky

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    I think this guy went to the Bloomberg school of politics.

    Good thing he ain't got that kinda $$$. [tongue]
  8. CaboWabo5150

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    "Jon Miller at the Longitudinal Study of American Youth at the University of Michigan wrote that "Generation X refers to adults born between 1961 and 1981" and it "includes 84 million people" in the U.S" - Stolen from Wikipedia.. I'm 41 so I guess that puts me right square in the middle of the X'ers... -- And yes, many of us Gen X types are familiar with the works of Thomas Paine, Lysander Spooner, Madison, Jefferson, & Franklin...

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  9. kellory

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    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker at Yahoo disagrees with your dates.

    Generation X
    Born: 1966-1976
    Coming of Age: 1988-1994
    Age in 2004: 28 to 38

    "The US Government officially defines the Baby Boom Generation as all individuals born between 1946-1964"
    Since i was born in '63, that would make me a boomer (barely), and that might just fit....I DO like to make things go "BOOM".:D
  10. Yard Dart

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    Well I guess that solves that question....Gen X is my label... I hate to keep forgetting them label's society boxes us into.... We didn't even have X-box back then...what a rip. I will try to remember what I am moving forward...[fixedthanks]
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