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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Aug 11, 2012.

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    I'm surprised. I thought Romney would've picked Rubio to get the Hispanic vote.


    10.) Ryan’s father died of a heart attack at 55 when Ryan was 16. Both Ryan’s grandfather and great grandfather died of heart attacks in their late 50s.
    9.) Ryan worked for Oscar Meyer while in college and even drove the Wienermobile.
    8.) He was elected to Congress in 1998 at the age of 28.
    7.) He’s a big fan of Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand — even saying that he has made Rand’s magnum opus “Atlas Shrugged” required reading for his staff and interns. Recently, however, the Catholic Ryan noted that he didn’t subscribe to Rand’s atheist philosophy, at least not in its totality.
    6.) Before being elected to Congress, Ryan worked as a speechwriter for Jack Kemp, the late New York congressman and vice-presidential candidate in 1996.
    5.) Though considered a fiscal hawk, Ryan voted the Medicare Part D prescription drug expansion in 2003. To the consternation of some in the tea party, he also voted for both the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Wall Street bailout and the auto bailouts. He explained the reasons behind many of these votes in an interview with The Daily Caller.
    4.) Ryan previously worked as a fitness trainer in Washington, and he leads a group of congressmen in the workout P90X when Congress is in session.
    3.) Ryan is best known for his conservative budget plan, “The Path to Prosperity.” The plan has passed the House of Representatives — albeit in slightly different iterations — the past two years with almost all Republicans and no Democrats voting for it. The plan drastically reforms Medicare and has been demagogued by the left — one liberal ad in 2011 even went so far as to depict a Ryan look-alike pushing an old lady off a cliff.
    2.) Ryan told Politico’s Mike Allen that his worst habit is that he drinks “two cups of coffee every morning.” Romney, whose Mormon religion forbids him from drinking coffee, will likely not be joining Ryan in his “vice” on the campaign trail.
    1.) A PPP poll from July suggests Ryan could help Romney win Wisconsin. In a generic match-up between Romney and Obama, the poll showed Obama up six percentage points. But when Ryan was listed as Romney’s running mate, Ryan narrowed the gap for Romney by 5 percentage points, making it a 1 percentage point race in Obama’s favor.
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    More things to keep in mind. Ryan voted to:
    • Make the Patriot act permanent
    • make medical marijuana illegal
    ...but, hey, at least he voted.
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    I may have to hold my nose and vote for Romney, but the lesser of two evils is still evil.
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    Voting for the patriot act no matter how kneejerk stinks but after time to cool off and reconsider voting to make it permanent was treason.Both sides of the aisle have committed treason many times in my opinion. The patriot act and others since that most of the five hundred odd voted in should be out of a job or hung.Most times these days it makes little difference to me which. Yeah I'll still vote but it ain't gonna feel good.
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    I'm writing in my vote...
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    Something to remember about this upcoming election.

    Neither Mitt or Paul is running for Emperor of the American Empire.

    CONgress makes the budget. CONgress passes the budget. CONgress confirms Judges, and on and on. From 2006, to the most recent election - CONgress was utterly controlled by the Dems. Bush's failing, and it was a big one, was a complete lack of pushback - he should have worn out a VETO stamp. He did not and as is the usual case, history will be the final Judge...he is a failure in my eyes.

    Having said that, the makeup of CONgress is important. When the President tries an end-run around CONgress, they should de-fund the effort - then go to court to slam a cork in the loophole used by the POTUS. If you are not working to get a responsible person in elected to CONgress - then you may be part of the issue set.

    If you really don't care for either, fine...but you had better worry about your CONgresscritters, and local pols as well. Get off your backside and vote, get your friends and neighbors to vote as well - while you still can.
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    Oh I'll vote a full ballot. Around here only twenty percent or so of the candidates on the ticket pass the smell test and more than a few of the others should be gracing a limb down in the pecan bottoms. But vote I will and write in where appropriate.
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    Catholic or Athiest, Pick one!
  10. TwoCrows

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    When the POTUS can declare martial law and set Congress aside for 6 months he might as well be the emperor.
  11. DKR

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    I missed that memo - what Act gives the POTUS the power to suspend Congress?

    I did where where Gov Perdue of NC called for "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and..." - and he was rightly attacked for the statement.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Many Emporers ended up feeding the buzzards and worms. The Plebes will only take so much.......
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    That's correct....it IS still evil. And to support a system that is clearly rigged is wrong.....which is why I will NOT be voting for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb, either of which is already owned by the banksters who really run things, and be writing in Ron Paul, who has zero chance of ever being president, as a protest vote.

    If more folks would simply do that, perhaps things would change. But as long as we have this Dem v. Rep bullchit going on, the powers pulling the levers win.
  14. TwoCrows

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    And that is why I am still inclined to vote Libertarian or Constitutionalist in the election.
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    Ummm........Gov Perdue here of North Carolina, is Beverly Perdue, a Female. An gonna lose her arse at ReElection Time!
  16. DarkLight

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    Look up NSPD51 (National Security Presidential Directive 51)
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    I did. It deals with "Continuity of Government Operations". Says nothing about a sitting President unilaterally setting aside Congress.

    By the way - ALL EOs are on-line at
    with the current status of the EO.

    Still, nothing about a sitting President unilaterally setting aside Congress.
  18. FTM2 Tartar

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    Anyone know who ron paul picked? after all, he's probably going to get the nomination...

    To vote is to condone, it breaks the 1st Commandment
    Freemen vote with tar and feathers
    Bring back dueling
    Nevermind voting, to even invoke the name of a communist is to give it power.

    Sorry, when I heard he drove the weinermobile, I just wigged out.
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    Can't agree with that. With all the Executive Orders in place, emperor is exactly what you will be voting for. I stand on my Libertarian vote. I refuse to choose between evil, even if one is perceived "Lesser". I absolutely refuse to cast a vote for Mitt Romney under ANY circumstance. If he is elected, it will just be another run-away big government with a new blazed path. Just as soon keep the mulatto; at least we try to keep him in check.
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  20. DKR

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    Your vote, your choice, of course.
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