13 Hours Benghazi Movie From the Drudgereport

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    I was really surprised that this movie was made. This is one topic that definitely has political parties taking sides. I am sure it was made and released at this time in hopes of destroying Hillary's political aspirations. What I do not think it will do is change the minds of Dems/Liberals. Some lefties truly believe, "what difference does it make" and they will not see the whole picture and realize we left those soldiers there to die. We could have had troops there to fight with the men on the ground but TPTB had them stand down. I doubt many Lefties will go see this movie.

    @pearlselby I look forward to your movie review.
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    Just got back from it, HEllary ain't going to like it her spin control people will be hard at work with field operatives busy shielding her from commenting on it.
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    We saw it and let me tell you what happened after..first.

    The people were all crying. I got up twice and threw up and would have loved a high ball. I did go out and smoke once.)
    Let me tell you the people were enraged. Several groups gathered out in the hall and by the exits to talk about it. We told people to go research.
    I went into the restroom and made eye contact with a lady and she was shaking. I said how bad I felt about the soldiers. This elderly white haired lady looked at me and said I know it happened, but, I did not know WHAT happened. Then she began to raise her voice and said anyone who voted for Hillary is stupid. I cannot believe how many stupid people are in our Country. I am tell you all not to vote for Hillary unless you are stupid. Not one lady said a word of meaness to her or tried to calm her down. She was on a roll. She said I am going to leave here and everyone I know is going to know the truth. I do no think there was a democrat in there. lol And I added How about that what difference does it make. She said yes all you stupid people what about that. I saw several people wake up all at once. It still gives me chills. When I was headed out of the bathroom, the door opens and my hubby hears all of that hollering. I was telling them to be sure and vote. He was in deep conversation with 6 guys in their early 70's.

    I hope this movie stays on. We are going to go once a week while it is still on.

    Overview. Benghasi is cesspool.

    I think the beginning was Sept. 9th and they(staff was getting ready for Chris Stevenson to be arriving on the 10th.
    Cia contractors were arriving. They were stopped and unable to move. The creeps were trying to take their vehicle. Guns drawn, contractors pulled there guns out and for a few seconds it was just like that. Then the contractor driving told him what would happen to him and his family if they were killed. They let them go. The head of the cia secret operation there.(dirtbag) told them this was secret operation and to never go outside. He explained how he did not want them there. They questioned where all of the security was. He told them this is secret.

    The Ambassator arrives and is told to stay inside the next day because of it being the anniversary of the terror attack. So, the next day they start attacking and they go to the safe room and the terrorists try to burn them out. Somehow he gets separated from his 2 staff members.
    The contractors are notified the situation and want to go and are told to STAND DOWN by the cia scumbag. They wait a short time and go anyway and all you know what breaks loose. Tey are attacked several times by all directions. The one cia contractor says to another one how he had talked to his wife and she said they were attacking because of a video and they were reporting protests. The other guy sitting there said we saw none of that.

    The cia lady begged for just 2 f-16's to just please fly over. They Never came. It shows planes getting ready to leave from Croatia and Africa. These planes never arrive.

    They get word that Chris Stevens was at a hospital and he was alive. These guys knew they were being lured. They did not leave the compound. They later learned (were told) that he died of smoke inhalation. I had to get up at the point. I was afraid they would show him being dragged. They did not. They knew if they had left right away, he would be alive today.

    It was very bloody and you could hear weeping in the theatre.

    A plane shows up (private oil company plane} and takes several people. Mostly cia. Then our wonderful soldiers and contractors were flown out in a LYBIAN transport plane. Disgusting. Then it told where people went , retired, etc. They made the point that the Americans never showed up.
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    I will be going to see this movie. @pearlselby thanks you for the report. I think it is important that people see. I was angry when Benghazi happened and I never forgot and have always wanted justice for those men. Sadly I truly believe that day will never come. When I heard people dismissing Benghazi I feel anger. People need to feel anger.
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    You know, @Motomom34, I did put spoilers in the report. We knew what happened. I hope that was ok. You might have a stiff drink before you go. I wish I had.

    I did forget to tell everyone that the entire audience clapped at the end. You will be glad you went.
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