2016 Republician Debate Schedule

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pearlselby, Feb 24, 2016.

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    They certainly have has a lot of debates. The schedule says they have 4 more to go. Plus I saw the news was airing a townhall meeting or Q & A session. Sadly, I am already burned out on the election. I was talking to a Dem and they are also suffering from election burnout. I see on the news this morning that Romney is alluding to Trump doing tax fraud or something. Sounds like the ugly is beginning. As a voter, I really dislike the backstabbing etc....
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    CO changed the way they do things.
    Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus

    CO has a streak of loving 3rd party, off beat candidates. IMO dirty politics in the state was what caused Tancredo to lose the R nomination for governor. The R party in CO is as slimy as it gets.
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    The only problem I see with a third party in this country is it weakens one of the major parties. For example, most Tea Party folks were Republics as were most Libertarians. I was a registered Libertarian until recently when I changed (just a couple weeks ago) due to some of their policies which I don't like. So, my vote which would have been Republican was going to go to Libertarian which would put Hillory 1 vote closer to sitting in the big chair.

    One thing that has always bothers me during voting season is the electoral college. I just don't like it. I have read on it and realize that it really doesn't matter so much but would prefer the 1 man = 1 vote which certainly isn't hard to do in the Information Age, at least it shouldn't be.

    Concerning Trump's tax fraud... I wouldn't doubt it. I wouldn't doubt most large corporation look for any means available to them and why not? The tax code is such a mess that its interpretation is varied. I really do hope that we see a better tax code in the future.
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    I think Trumps' tax returns are a non-issue. Right now anyhow. The people have spoken. I think people have woke up to the fact that both parties are corrupt and we have had no difference since gaining house and senate.

    I am all for a third party because dem and repub are afraid of it.
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    This debate tonight is chaos. Yelling, bashing......

    And Kasich just said he is going to reward my doctor for doing their job. So the Doctors get a break but the consumer is still drowning.
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    If their Lips are moving... There are Lies coming out...
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