3 Week Eye Doc Follow Up Visit Today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. TXKajun

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    Today was my 3 week follow up visit to the eye doc. He was pleased with the progress and told me I could stop some things, like the 45/15 minutes face down/upright, down to only one eyedrop med, I can sleep on my sides and front, just not on my back. Woohoo! He also said I could start back to work this coming Monday with limitations and I could resume driving when I felt comfortable about it (not for a few days) The gas bubble is going away, about 50% gone now, but it's hard to see through 1/2 bubble/1/2 regular eye. Add that to my other eye and my balance and depth perception are off a bit. No flying or even going above 4000 feet in elevation for 4-6 months due to gas bubble. Progress is being made in a forward manner! Hooray! I have another follow up in 3 more weeks. Also, no cataract formation so far.
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    Very good news indeed TK!
  3. Dunerunner

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    Sounds great, TX!! Keep up the good work!
  4. Yard Dart

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    Great news!!!!
  5. GOG

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    Good on ya'.
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    Lack of depth perception is a bi###. Had a lazy eye as a kid and was for all purposes blind in left eye. Never really could understand football. baseball etc, as I just kind of swung or grabbed and never really knew what the rest of the world did. Even when I got glasses, it took years to develop it and mine is still lousy and I do much better with a scope etc. We all have one eyed vision in a rifle scope.Good luck and we all hope you are back to normal soon.
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    Great to hear Kajun. Keep listening to the doc. I'm currently being treated for macular degeneration in my left eye. position of it ruled out laser surgery. So I get the needle in the eyeball treatment. LOL,damn my luck. The loss of depth perception is causing me to relearn lifelong habits. Always been a both eyes open pistol shooter and now have to get used to right eye open. Glad my right is the master eye any way. Other than sometimes throwing my wife into a panic attack when I drive at night the transition is going pretty good. The biggest wake up is the realization of how important vision would be in shtf. Like duane I've come to REALLY appreciate optics on my guns. Well that and now my wife drives in traffic while I'm in charge of the radio. Perks!,I haz them!
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    I was born with one eye crossed. Had surgery as a very young child, and never knew which eye was altered. I'm told i have no depth vision, but i have never noticed it's loss, and shoot most weapons instinctive. (No sights at all)
    I'm told i would be barred from getting a pilot's license, but have no other issues from it.
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  9. TXKajun

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    Thanks everyone for the congrats and thanks tons to the folks sharing their eye related experiences.
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    It was a learning experience for those of us that were lurking on your threads. Really appreciate the up-date and so glad that things are healing nicely.
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  11. TXKajun

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    No problem, motomom34. I will probably give updates every week or so on my progress. Hopefully this will stimulate discussions from other squirrels on eyes and sight.
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