320 million people in America.....

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    We have approximately 320,000,000 people living here, yet, we can't get.00001 % to march in protest against the trampling of our rights and the total deviation from our Constitution.
    Glen Beck came the closest with about appr. 500,000 with his 9/12 rally, but it got very little attention from the State Run Media. Then actually tried to make him pay for Security at the protest that was left cleaner than when they started and totally Peaceful!
    People were picking trash up off the streets.
    3rd World Countries take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands over bread shortages!
    Pathetic, is the only word that comes to mind!
    Your Thoughts?
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    Preaching to the choir brother....
    We saw the rioting issues when the EBT cards were shut off just for a short bit......
    If we had bread/food shortages there would be pandemonium in the streets...guaranteed.
    When 50% of society is receiving some form of hand-out from the government.... we have a major problem. And that is where we are today!!
    It is only a matter of time when a major issue strikes and all hell will break loose....
    Here is a great article about it written a couple of years ago.... but still very accurate.

    The coming EBT riots: What will happen when government entitlements stop? - NaturalNews.com
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    I'm torn as to whether I should like your post, I agree and am very concerned as well, but don't like what your posting because it totally true!!!
    I saw what happened in wally- mart this year when the stamps were offline for 17 hours!
    Old people are going to starve, poor people will starve, Veterans, pretty much everyone that doesn't work in (for) Washington!
    that's how they'll get the Military to co-operate (We'll feed you and your family IF you play along).
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    10399565_1139379799862_7402704_n. 10399565_1139379799862_7402704_n. 10399565_1139370479629_1928079_n. 10399565_1139379799862_7402704_n. 10399565_1139370479629_1928079_n. 10399565_1139369759611_4243997_n. A group of us went to DC for a Tea Party Rally to protest Obama-Care and the turn-out was astounding! The Park Service estimated 4,000,000 people there. I scaled an overhead photo and just used simple math and a generous 3 square feet per person and verified over a million in a single photo. The mainstream media reported tens of thousand people attended.... The Park Service in DC estimated maybe 400,000 attended the Million Man March that the News said had millions... That is the biggest problem.

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    I didn't go to the Tea Party Rally, (Facial Recognition Software)The Media said there were only 50,000! Hmmmmm?
    We watched the Glen Beck thing on TV and he had a lot more than they were giving him credit for too! Hmmmm?
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