5.56 ADI SS109 (M855) 62GR FMJ

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Oct 22, 2015.

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    I picked up some Australian Defense Industries M855 SS109 a while back and was at the range last weekend.
    Different packaging with the blister packs but it goes bang every time and shoots as straight as USA ammo. A while back when the Aussies dumped all of their ADI 7.62 Nato packaged for the FAL I picked up some from the DCM and other sources so it is no surprise that the ADI 5.56 is good as well.
    Only down side is no green tips for easy ID but some Israeli ammo I have is not green tip also.
    Thumbs up for ADI ammo:5s:[applaud]
    • Packaged in (10) 5rd Blister Packs that are perforated for ease of separation
    • Manufactured by ADI Australian Defense Industries
    • M855 SS109
    • Steel Penetrator F1 Bullet
    • Full Metal Jacket
    • 62 Grain
    • Brass Case
    • Boxer Primed
    • Non-corrosive

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    Looks like it could be good with it's extra layer of protection for sealing in a buried cache.
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