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    This is an extract from a longer piece found at:

    For a political outsider without a national organization, to be in this position is remarkable. People vote for what is important to them and for me it is campaign finance reform. Lobbyists have taken over the process of government. I remember when I was fighting Combe Fill Landfill up in Chester I would pick up the phone and call State Senator walter "Moose" Foran, and he would pick up the phone! Now you need to call a lobbyist. This is wrong.

    For over 70 years presidential candidates warned us of the evils of communism or the perils of socialism.

    Donald Trump has attempted to warn the American people of the new ism to be concerned with, lobbyism
    . (The real "money quote" from the article)

    Lobbyists who represent foreign countries and some American companies have learned the important skills of maneuvering and manipulating American lawmakers into making billions of dollars for their clients and destroying our greatest asset, the American workers.

    Why is it that our coal miners are out of work and have been embarrassed and humiliated in front of their friends and families and the coal mines in China are operating 24 hours a day?

    This system of lobbyism has convinced environmentalists that it is a small price to pay for our workers to be unemployed if we can export the pollution associated with coal mining to China. This is absurd. We live on a small planet and we have learned that water and air pollution that is allowed in some other country will eventually make its way here. DDT has been found in the ice at the North Pole. So we are being exploited and getting the worst of both worlds, losing our jobs and receiving the pollution.

    This must stop.

    If the American people can filter out the tabloid media hype and base their decision on what Donald Trump says and does, and not what the media says he says and does, I think Donald J. Trump, an environmental hero, will be our next president.

    Please note the Trump part is tangential - the real meat is Mr. Russo's take on the Lobby hobby - or hobble.
    I believe Mr. Ed Russo has brought out a political factor not often seen (as such) by the average American voter. IOW, the Lobbyist will kill our Republic over time if not stopped.
    Ask yourself - how bad has this become at your State and even local level of Government? Look and you will see it.....
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    That requires that the schools do their job instead of bringing up junior SJWs.
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    The 'lobbyism' he speaks of is very present.

    However, when you email your congressman or senator, they do pay attention if enough people email them or call the office.
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    How is it that I can buy a CD of an anime movie - and the case is marked "Disk mfg in Mexico" as required BY LAW.

    Yet, when I go to buy any kind of food - there is no CoO marked on the label - because there is no requirement to show where the food was grown / harvested.

    One word answer - lobbyist.... (rhymes with a curse word)
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    It's one reason why I wouldn't support Hobby Lobby......hobbies don't need lobbies! ;)
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    The system has collapsed. How can we expect a man or woman running for re election the day he takes office to understand every word in a thousand page bill and its effects on all of us, when he has a few hours to read it?
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    They will pay attention but if it goes against their personal beliefs then they will ignore the people. I often wonder how politicians can put themselves ahead of a majority? I know it sounds good that they will represent the will of the people but they do not. They will do as they choose. I have no faith in any of them and this is from the top to the most basic local level.
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    Since I returned stateside, I am had little to do with our Congressmen and Senators; however, I did write/call mine one time when I got so damn mad that the State Dept refused my niece a visa to visit us but let in a bunch of unknowns (I use this word specifically) from the middle east. I was furious and laid into him, harshly. But, of course, it did no good as there is no recourse against the State Dept and they are free to approve or deny as they want...they don't even have guidelines. So...

    This Wednesday evening I have a chance to meet my representatives in person and you can bet I will. I think the key to undermining Lobbyists is to level the campaign playing field capping the amount of donations...however that is probably unconstitutional but it would pull their teeth.
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    Not UnConstitutional to pass a Statute, that giving ANY Amount of Money to an Elected Politico is ILLegal... That would fix a lot of this BS...
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    Most lobbyists are just front men for someone else (PACs dough is the same thing - think - Soros)
    But...if we kill the everyone can spend = free speech - you are turning over the conversation to the left-leaning Big Media types.

    The "Free Press" has been anything but since the administration of R. Nixon..... Many (if not most) are partisan hacks of the first stripe - with an agenda.

    The one thing the Internet offers now [tho for how much longer is now in question] is a different voice from the lock-step Big Media Fascists now in charge. Read the below definition. How much applies to your day to day life?

    (facist - (or -ism) A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.)

    Art for your edification:

    Both sides are guilty - just how guilty is up to you.....
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