A friends Godfather passed

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Feb 17, 2015.

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    A friends Godfather WW II vet died at 89 last weekend.
    They had become like father and son and he left him three pistols.
    WW II nazi P 38 with one matching mag and holster.
    It is a 1945 Mauser production and a bit rougher finish than my 1942 Walther but in great shape and a nice find.
    A Sig-Sauer 226 9MM two mags in great shape.
    and a S & W model 10 snub nose .38 in good shape with some holster wear.

    A member of the greatest generation passes...[salute][US_Army]
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    [flag] [salute] [flag]
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    Amen Sec [salute]
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    Prayers outgoing....

    Salute [salute]
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    Prayers sent. We are losing a thousand or so a day now. The greatest generation.
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    [salute] So few left to teach us the true meaning of the "greatest generation"
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    Prayers Sent
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    *tap tap* - beer to monitor.

    Prayers incoming from BC.
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    Rest in peace sir.
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