A Lesson Learned

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    A lesson learned
    By Logical Response

    Who is Ron Paul and why is he inspiring a generation?
    I first heard about Ron Paul from my then seventeen year old son.

    He was so excited by this guy running for President that I actually went in to his room and sat in front of his computer to look at what had him so energised about politics, politics ?

    That's the last thing in the world I had ever expected him to become excited about. So I listened and watched video after video, together father and son. Bonding in a way that still amazes me. I am forty four years old and here I was sitting watching youtube hour after hour with my son. Having incredible intellectual conversations with my kid. We talked about the constitution, we talked about abortion , we talked about the war in Iraq, the war on terror, we talked about our Goverment and the rights of the people, we talked about, Israel and world economies, that I knew he had never had any interest in before this incredible man made it so clear to him.

    The most surprising thing of all was that it was me who was learning from him. From my son, I was learning about the Constitution, I was the one being schooled in Goverment and politics from a seventeen year old kid.

    What could have possibly happened to him in such a short period of time?

    How did he come to know so much that had passed me by?

    He quoted the second amendment , the sixth amendment , the first amendment, the sixteenth amendment of the US. Constitution, to me! My seventeen year old kid, who previously cared only about the newest video game or staying out an extra hour after his curfew. I didn't even know what the sixteenth amendment was.

    What could have motivated him to be so concerned all of a sudden about politics?
    Politics ?

    Well I can tell you personally what did it.

    His sense of right and wrong, his sense of good and evil, truth and justice, that was brought forward by this kindly old man making sense on youtube.
    Making sense and alot of it.

    I too have now become a Ron Paul advocate, I have never written a blog in my life , I have never considered getting involved in the political process and I certainly would never had considered writing my opinions on political web sites.

    I have been telling everyone I know to listen to his message, and they are, not only are they becoming converts as well, they are also telling their friends and relatives about him.

    Today I actually called in to several radio shows, I have now written six or seven letters in support of this incredible awe inspiring man, who is inspiring an entirely new generation of Constitutionalist.

    This genuine man , this Ron Paul needs to be recognised for the unique individual that he is.

    He is unique in the sense that he has been able to capture the imaginations of millions of young people. And those young people are spreading his word of non- intervention , smaller Goverment, securing our own borders, doing away with income tax. (I love that part.)

    Because of Ron Paul I have been tuned in to the Prsidential race like I have never been before.

    When I first started watching the news and listening to the various candidates and the debates just a couple of months ago, I heard a lot about Ron Paul.
    I heard about him on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, I heard about him on The Daily show, Randi Rhodes The Colbert Report, Rush Limbaugh, Ed Shultz ,he was everywhere.

    That was then.

    It seems, as he has been gaining support and momentum, that the media has all but forgotten about him, trying to make him just a foot note.
    Doing everything they can to hide the fact that he is truly becoming the people's choice, that he has won almost every straw poll to date that he has virtually crushed all contenders in every debate, that he has is consistently topping the text polls including winning Fox's own debate.(I bet that's killing them.)

    The main stream media is all of a sudden trying to quell this uproar by ignoring him and hoping he will go away. They are trying to sweep him under the rug.
    I can tell you first hand that his poll numbers will continue to rise no matter what they try and do to stop it. His message will continue to spread no matter how much try to quell it

    That's because young people like my son and many other sons and daughters are bringing their parents into their rooms, in front of their computers to show us old folks the voice of reason, that is DR. RON PAUL

    P.S. A little known fact,, There are about seventeen States that allow evreyone to vote in the republican primaries, that means that Democrats and Independents can vote for Ron Paul for the Republican nomination.

    If enough of us get out there and vote in these primaries we very well may have the choice of two candidates that are both for the withdrawl of troops from Iraq.

    S. Hahn

    Authors Bio: 44 yr. old male retired and living in Vero Beach Fl.
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    Increases my "spark of hope" just a little more. Good article..... and I did not know about 17 states allowing all to vote primaries. That's good news. Between that and all the Bushist flag wavers dividing their votes between Rudy, Romney and Thompson....... we got a race folks!
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    This past Saturday
    105,000+ fans at University of Tennessee for the first home game.
    I'd guess another 25K just tailgating and hanging out.

    I wish Hannity would have been there to see that the only Political signs being held on the lawn and in the parking lots were Ron Paul... Darn re-dialers....

    I counted 5 different RP groups passing out stickers, lawn signs and brochures and they were all getting high fives and cheers. The RP revolution sure is steaming forward.

    I also sat my dad down with YouTube Friday night. He's hooked as well.

    How can anyone be against a guy that wants to close the IRS??
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    I have had problems convincing some folks that hes a viable candidate because of the media ignoring him. One even stated outright that they thought he was the best candidate and woud like to have him in but would like to get him in office but would NOT vote for him because he didnt stand a chance! We know this is total BS because we knw the real numbers but it dose worry me for how many folks who vote for him in straw polls will think its a wasted vote in the primaries and NOT vote their conciounce? Where can you find honest results from the straw polls that dont have his numbers edited out from them when he dose well?
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