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Discussion in 'Politics' started by enloopious, Mar 16, 2016.

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    I don't know what is funnier, what you just typed or the fact that Ghrit and Kellory both liked your completely unfounded comment. I give you years of research and fact in law, and you give me what, a Republican talking piece? No data, no facts?

    To give you the benefit of the doubt, I should add that it's true how many corporations have settled in foreign countries, but the punch line isn't what you think. According to the leading scholars and fascists who steer policy (like Brzezinski for example) clearly illustrate the necessity to bring the U.S. economy down to a level which is closer to that of Mexico and usher in the need for a unified currency (we've heard talk about the Amero before but this is only one example). Then, we have NAFTA and GATT trade agreements and the World Bank itself playing not against, but for the corporations. In fact, the more we look, the more we should find that nothing you say is true at all, and the corporations continue to grow and expand at our own expense. We shouldn't confuse the effects of despotism on a national level with alleged incompetence of "government". Once we accept that there is no government, it all becomes clear.

    Your "government" is comprised of privately owned corporations. If you had a Dunn and Bradstreet account, you could verify this in a matter of seconds. Enter any local, state or federal "government" agency. Enter any police department. Enter your own name, or your birth certificate number. All corporations. ALL OF IT. Now, if you're still in denial after all of THAT, then perhaps nothing will bring you back from denial, because according to your opinion, the U.S. Government has left and taken all the good paying jobs with them. Where they've gone to is anybody's guess. Maybe they went to Mars in a black hole. Anyway, I can tell you didn't follow a single link in my previous post or we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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    Further study:

    Corporation Nation
    (recommended for beginners)
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    As can be seen clearly in the gun industry, when regulation becomes too much, or laws change, businesses move to more friendly states, or overseas.
    When they start talking about micro-printing ammo, or micro-tagging bullets, which would bankrupt ammo manufacturers, we hear about plans to move. Threats are made, jobs are lost, lives are uprooted.
    Regulations, and bottomline, absolutely effect corporate movement, and jobs.
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    Regardless of your government is a corporation stance or whether it isn't (it is), is not part of the "like". It simply reflects that jobs leave when the gobberment puts obstacles in the way of enterprise. What struck me is a corporation interfering with another corporation and in doing so smacks itself in the head. The laws of supply and demand simply and clearly over-ride corporate law. (Which is the hilarious part, watching the holes appear in the corporate instep. I liked the nice little chuckle.)
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    @Broker has a very good point. America and capitalism is no longer a world leader. The reality is that its a corporation run by other corporations, owned by a few.

    The recent decrease in oil prices has been an artificial price decrease designed to break the USA corporate hold of the petro dollar. Once that is broken then the other governments of the world can begin the process of leveling the playing field by using 'baskets of currency' rather than having everything pegged to the US dollar. There is a WAR going on in currencies that very few people see because you have to dig.

    Too many countries hold US dollars so they can't afford to take the system down totally as it would send us into the worst depression the world would ever see. They have to make trading more equal before initiating a 'basket of currencies' so that the world trade deficits are not so huge.

    World trade and balancing trade with currency is a complex process that we do not see. We everyday people see the results of this but not the actions. We see increasing prices in food and goods, decrease in shipping, store closings, loss of full time jobs and increas in part time jobs so that most people are working 2 part time jobs to make ends meet. Its not a pretty picture.

    If you really want to see how we are doing world wide follow the Baltic Dry index the cost of shipping will tell you how goods are moving. When the index is high there is a back load of shipping waiting to happen, when the index is low not much is being shipped so the shipping companies decrease their prices to keep their ships in the black and working.
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    What is good? weekend cook outs with steaks on the grill, beer and relaxation.
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    Oil sale specials = Nations are dumping U.S. debt.
    In case anybody is wondering, the kings of usury (banking cartel) thought it was a brilliant idea to turn debt into assets.

    Foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate

    And OH BOY are you gonna like how this story ends. Not. The FED will just keep buying as much debt as they need to. You're gonna love what they have planned.
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    I used to wonder about patriotism vs one world government. The idea of a one world government is attractive in the prospects of space travel and encountering other planets and species but there are serious pitfalls. For example one ruler of the world means no where to run or hide for those who think different and we need people who think different. We must have them for mankind to grow.

    The idea of patriotism (thinking that we are better than others based merely on the location in which we are born) seems silly at first but in the much broader sense of the word it has far better applications. I believe in patriotism if it is defined as your land fighting for its freedom and the free expression of the people. Having several countries with differing points of view is not only good but NECESSARY for mankind to grow and evolve. Having a one world government where everyone follows the same rules is a road to disaster, slavery, torture, and the worst kind of inbred deformities of mankind. See Chinese working conditions for children as a reference.

    As for Capitalism, I don't think it exists anymore. What exists is the mutated form of capitalism where corporations rape the people and then pass laws through a puppet government preventing people like you and me from doing the same. That is not capitalism, that is fascist oligarchy using communism as a distraction method and painting it all as capitalism in the press.

    The reason the government was allowed to become a corporation is because the people were afraid to stand up when the time came. There was a time between 1871 and 1933 when the people had a duty to put their foots down and take the power back but they didn't. Because they didn't we are stuck with the ugly task of fighting our way out of mental and financial slavery. That is a tough road... but once you accept that, walking the path could be fun and adventurous. I mean really, who wants to live forever. I'd rather die a hero than live a long life as a coward.
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    I like to think that there's also a possibility for a united world council and no need for a dictator. The only problem is, how do we reign in the corporations before it's too late? I can see where some of these globalists are going, since modern corporatism really does grant them every avenue necessary to circumvent laws and procedure (especially since governments are the corporations) but it escapes me how they ever intend on putting a leash on this rabid dog. Maybe they never intended on stopping it. Therefore, whether it be a council or a dictator, the greed, corruption, and fascist control will not end until the corporations are effectively eliminated.
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    Well if thats true then it would mean only 1 possible battle field and that is for the purchasing control of all of the people of the world. If they aren't able to convince them to buy their wares through commercials and advertisements then they may elect to pass laws forcing people to buy certain things like... oh I don't know, let's say insurance, healthcare, and licenses to get them used to the idea of forced buying. Then they could use incrementalism to make them start buying more things. First it would just be things that seemed necessary like house repairs, auto parts, things that seem like they are to keep our children safe but would move on to cover everything out there. Sound crazy? Before the 80s you would have been crazy to suggest that people would have been forced to buy insurance on automobiles.
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    Ya'll got points
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    And forced health insurance with penalties paid to the private IRS.
    Ain't that a kick in the pants?
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