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    Here's a nice website with some interesting bush cooking ideas. One idea that tickled my fancy was using a swedish torch as a kebab cooker. There are a number of other good ideas on this web site which are well illustrated with graphics.


    HUNTER-GATHERING: wild & fresh food
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    pretty cool chelloveck I like it thanks for posting...

    I just wanted to say thta befor 10 people jumped down your throught about it already being on here some were...
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    There are several previous posts about the Swedish torch at SM, but mainly as a method of cooking on top with cast iron or other kitchenware. The Swedish torch as a kebab cooker is a novel idea, and it is the novelty and creative lateral thinking that comes with it that I find appealing, quite apart from its practicality if you're stuck in the boonies without a pot or pan.

    The kebab cooker is just a teaser to encourage others to explore the other interesting stuff at that site.

    btw....make sure that the species of tree that you are making your skewer from is not toxic, else it may be your last meal by swedish torchlight.
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