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    A February YouGov survey of 1,000 respondents has found that Americans aren’t confident in their abilities to survive a SHTF event. In all, 71% of respondents believe they wouldn’t last a week in post-SHTF America.

    How long could you survive during a natural disaster?

    29% of respondents believed they’d be able to survive for more than a week if a disaster struck that left their community without any functioning utilities. 25% claimed they could survive for almost a week, followed by 38% who believe they could survive for a few days, and 8% who said they could survive for less than one day.

    Do you have a emergency plan for natural disasters?

    According to the research, nearly twice as many Republicans (35%) have a natural disaster plan as do Democrats (18%). (Just 24% of the respondents said they had an emergency plan.) Yet 58% of Republicans have at least considered an apocalyptic event, followed by 52% of Democrats. A small minority of both Republicans and Democrats, 13% and 11%, respectively, admitted to having an apocalyptic survival plan.

    Would you bug out or shelter in place during a SHTF event?

    During an apocalyptic event, 62% of respondents said that they’d shelter in their home, while 38% said they’d seek shelter somewhere else. If true, these statistics could mitigate the effects of Golden Horde events.

    What’s the most likely SHTF event?

    Nuclear war was the top response at 28% (36% for Republicans), followed by a tie with climate change and Judgment Day both at 16%. 20% of respondents said they didn’t believe a SHTF was going to happen.


    For the full statistics, see the YouGov Survey in PDF (download).

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    It truly is sad what this country has become[sheep]

    But then I suppose the original 3%ers had similar thoughts about many of their fellow colonists.
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    So 38% of respondents think they will die after a few days........good grief what has this country become indeed.

    What idiot could not survive at least a day without services..... probably better off without them anyways since they would just be a drain on resources by whatever party gets stuck with them.

    The promising thing about the numbers posted, is the fact that more liberals will die off, rather than us gun toting, bible thumping, patriots :)
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    Last night I stoped at a convinience store to pick up some liquid refreshment on my way to the hill's after shift.. A young gal was heard to say "Yellowstone is going to blow and we will all be Fucked and dead".. I replyed "probably not everyone".. I am blessed with living in an area that has a high percentage of preppers. Even they have doubt's about surviving that sort of blow out. Probabily there will be a high mortality rate in this area.. However there will be survivor's..

    Just because someone say's everyone will be killed is no reason not to live with optomism that you WILL survive!
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    38% hmm at least many people are honest with themselves about their chances of survival.

    I'm guessing that that 38% are prolly over 70 and understand that they aren't prepared and have no interest in preparing.
    12 Baby Boomer Retirement Trends - US News
    Just look at the numbers. Somewhere between 13% and 40% of baby boomers are over 65. That is alot of people.

    My own parents are convinced they can live a few weeks just off of the water in the water heater and a few cans of spam and beans. They tell me any more time than that without modern conveniences they will be glad to go.

    So age might be a large factor in these numbers
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