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  1. melbo

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    Is ADHD a real condition or a catchall phrase to describe wild children?

    Is it different than typical, garden-variety hyperactivity?

    Anyone have any experience with this: diagnosis and treatment?

    Alternatives to stimulant therapy?

    If you have real-life experience and don't want to publicly share, please PM me. Doing some research.

  2. Redneck Rebel

    Redneck Rebel Monkey++

    PM me tomorrow when I'm sober and I'll share privately my journey from 8 year old ADHD patient to 30 year old anti social, egotistical, megalomaniac suffering from bi-polar disorder.
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  3. UGRev

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    ADHD, In my opinion, does not exist. It's some contrived ********. My son was "diagnosed" with ADHD as well as verbal and physical dyspraxia. They say he's ADHD because he can't focus on one thing.

    I say he just wants to interact with so many things. ADHD is not the inability to focus.. it's a sign of intelligence.. his mind has a natural ability to wander and mind map things. It's actually a form of quick learning but because the learning process is so fast, it goes from one thing to another and rarely returns to the first of the process or to earlier points in time, it appears like a learning DISability.

    It is my opinion that no child who is "diagnosed" with ADHD should be on drugs. They should be educationally catered to. They think differently than the mainstream kids and so they are looked at like weirdo's. My oldest boy exhibits the same "symptoms" that they say is ADHD. We don't care what they say.. we haven't given him any meds and he's a brilliant child who started talking at 1 year old, was talking in full sentences at 2, doing math at 3, algebra at 5. DON'T MEDICATE!!

    All I did was help him stay on a path. What they need to learn is patience in learning something; that understanding the basics of something can allow them to progress even FASTER later on. I can't tell you that is was easy. He's 8 now and it's STILL very difficult... but he's in the top of his class and the class is holding him back because he can't go as fast as he wants.

    ADHD kids don't care about tests.. or trials, or competition. They just care about intellectual stimulation. You just have to provide it. Meds just slow them down to the speed of the schools and **** their brain metabolism up in the process.

    Again, these are all my opinions and opinions only based on personal experience with 2 children that are mine and several kids that I counseled when I was going to school for neuroscience. In no way shape or form am I declaring that you follow my opinion or even listen to or agree with it. I am merely offering a personal point of view. /end disclaimer.
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  4. Pyrrhus

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    I was going to comment on this, but
  5. UGRev

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    ...but... ?
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  6. tacmotusn

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    just my 2 cents ..... but at the earliest point that this child can be tested in a valid meaningful way as to IQ level, have it done. It has been my experience that often, these children are extremely smart and easily bored. If put in public schools they are often diagnosed ADHD, and that leads to nothing good. They need challenges and proper evaluation as to where thier true talents lie. ..... just my 2 cents
  7. VisuTrac

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    I have a strong opinion on labeling and classifying human tra ... oooo shiny things.
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  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    I feel that ADHD labling is used as a cruch by some parents and teachers whon don't know how to handle student with learning styles different from them or that are too intellegent to mesh within the teachers comfort zone...

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  9. techsar

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    Did you notice that no one had ADHD when it was common practice to get a butt-whippin' when needed?

    Instead of having 25 of a class of 26 with ADHD, you had 1 slow student?

    To borrow Bruce's line - just sayin' ;)
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  10. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    I have delt with alot of kids they say are ADHD to me they are just kids who needs to run off some energy. Alot of these Dr use it as a catch all I would say maybe some kids do but I think alot of them is just mean a$$ kids that need a little belt to a$$. They tried to say my first daughter was ADHD and after she came to live with me and learned what rules were and punishment was she straitened up. I had to spank her twice and It hurt me more than her but she grew up to be a fine independent hard working lady. (still daddy's little girl) It's like these Dr now every person we arrest show up in court with a paper from some Dr they Bi-Polar. We had a guy use to raise he!! and fight the city police, spit on them and cuss them. Well he moved out in to the County and the first call a Sheriff's Deputy showed up on was the last after a word of prayer with the guy he seen the evil ways in his wrong doing and is now a pretty good guy. I always tell people to try other things first and talk to other Dr's because all alot of them want to do is put them on meds that keep them like a zombie when all they need is away to release energy or some correction.
  11. CATO

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    I think about this a lot in the context of a whole host of maladies that may be closely link with the day in which we live.

    Obviously, ADHD wasn't something being diagnosed in 1800s....but, kids didn't have time to lose focus on their chores....and if they did have some spare time, they didn't have 20 different toys to chose from.

    Now, kids have so much (thanks cheap Chinese labor) that if they get frustrated with anything, it's real easy to put it down and pick up something else.

    In 15 minutes, my son goes through 5 different toys. So, I started putting boundaries on what could be played with when (and also removing/rotating toys in/out).

    If the issue is having a hard time focusing, then, take away the distractions. I have this same issue at work: trying to focus on something that I'm usually not interested in. Distractions: Internet....clickity-click (I can lose an hour easily just reading about things I AM interested in; cluttered desk (can't work with a cluttered desk, must clean first); phone; window.

    I had none of these issue when the 'Net was in its infancy or before.
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  12. STANGF150

    STANGF150 Knowledge Seeker

    I have ADD for 8 hours a day at Work. Course, in the old days they just called it Multitasking!!!
  13. TXKajun

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    I'm going to give a bit of response from the other side.

    When our son was in 1st grade, his teacher strongly recommended he get tested for ADHD. Of course his Mother and I were agin' it and said no way, not possible, not our boy, so we moved him to a Montessori school. Turns out the M school was nothing but a glorified babysitting academy, so in 2nd grade we put him back into public school (and yes, we talked about home schooling and for various reasons, decided against it). Teacher again recommended testing for ADHD. This time we bit the bullet and got the testing. IQ was normal, but yep, firm diagnosis of ADHD plus a touch of another learning disability.

    When we got the diagnoses, we went to school and let them know. At that time, they started him in a special education program. Now before ya'll get all up in arms, this was NOT a class for "retards" or for kids that were totally out of control. It consisted of an "advocate" for our son who checked in on him a couple of times a day and helped out as needed, it got Mom and I more involved by giving us weekly reports and updates and notes on what we needed to work with him on, plus yes, he got medicated.

    As some of the postings here have jokingly said, our son was VERY easily distracted. In the middle of math class, if he looked out the window, he was "gone" from class. If something besides the teacher caught his fancy, like a piece of paper fluttering somewhere in the class, he was "gone" again. What the medication did was help him keep focused. At the beginning and end of each school year, we met with his counselor and advocate and had a nice discussion about his progress, weaknesses and strengths. And so it went until this year, when he started High School.....9th grade.

    He first started on meds 7 years ago. He has done so well that, when he ended his last year of Junior High, he tested out of needing to be in "special ed" and is going to regular classes. He's carrying a B average now (but not without a lot of work and "encouragement" from Mom and Dad lololol) and is taking college prep courses. On days he has tests, he requests his "smart pills" saying that they definitely help him stay focused on the test material. Other days, he manages quite well on his own.

    I'm not saying this is the course everyone ought to follow, but it sure has worked well with us.

  14. -06

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    Couple of our kids were diagnosed with ADHD and drugged. We got tired of the mess, took them out of public schools, and they excelled in private school. IMO, most diagnosis's are crutches used by teachers who do not or cannot properly teach. They want a class of zombies who sit quietly while she passes the day brainwashing them. There are some cases where meds are required. A friend has a lad who is just hyper active and can not concentrate. Meds ease him down to "normal" and he does straight A work.
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  15. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I just wanted to add one more thing. My wife and I have noticed an ENORMOUS increase in the number of children who are gluten sensitive. Once we moved my son to a gluten free diet, his "ADHD" seemed to subside. He can focus WAY better because he wasn't being drugged by the opiate like chemicals in gluten. When he went back to school after being almost 100% gluten free for just a few weeks.. the teachers contacted us to ask us what we did. They said, and I quote "What did you do? he's like a completely different boy. He's definitely not the same child we had 6 weeks ago." I'll never forget that conversation because it validated everything. His problems now stem from his brain being doped by gluten all this time.

    The school system wanted to medicate and our nanny at the time said we should try a G-Free diet. If it wasn't for her, he'd still be "sick". The food we eat is dangerous..
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  16. Silversnake

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    I won't get into whether ADHD is a real problem, or whether it is the child's problem, a problem with the teachers or a problem with the parents or all three.

    I will say I am certain the PTB saw this as a billable medical diagnosis and teachers unions saw it as a way to add some jobs for counselors, special education teachers and grant funds for studying it, especially in universities. Psychologists, social workers, teacher's unions and big pharma make a lot of money off ADHD.
  17. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    There is always at least two sides to any story or subject. My experiences were not those of TXKajun, but his points were valid and made me look upon the situation a little differently. It never hurts to talk these things out.
    I still think that 90% of the time the public school system flat out sucks.seesaw
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  18. oth47

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    My grandson was put on a small dose of Ritalin and it did wonders for him.His father should have been medicated a little,as should I.'Course,when I was a kid there was no name for this,I got my butt beat to no purpose except relieving the teacher's frustration.To this day it's a struggle for me to follow a conversation..someone will say something that triggers a thought and I'm a million miles away.I stayed in trouble with my wife for years because she thought I wasn't listening to her.Once she figured out how my mind works she knows she has to make sure she has my attention.Yes,I firmly believe in such a thing as ADHD.I also believe it may be over diagnosed and over medicated.YMMV.
  19. Redneck Rebel

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    When I was diagnosed as ADHD the school hadn't a clue what the heck it even was. The solution was sessions through out the day jogging with the guidance counselor so I'd be too damned tired to be ADHD.
  20. tacmotusn

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    Were you running in front of him or behind him. If you were running in front he is probably an out of work Secret Service agent today, and he was checking you out. ..... lol
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