Adolf Hitler, Up Close and Personal. PowerPoint Presentatio

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Watchman220, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Interesting photos. Thanks, Watchman!
    The Nazis certainly liked their pagentry........
  3. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yes thanks Watchman it was very interesting, thank you for sharing.
    Nazi Germany still to this day have something new coming out every once in a while, very interesting.[W1]
  4. Redneck Rebel

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    Hitler's government needed the people just the same as any government needs it's people
    Without the pageantry there would have been no Nazi Germany. Think about the way American's are inspired and have that little tug at the heart when we see our 4th of July fireworks displays or large displays of flags and other patriotic displays. Those displays of pageantry in Nazi Germany kept the nation inspired, kept them patriotic, kept their hearts and souls loyal to their nation.
    We briefly saw a similar effect here after 9/11, but with America's collective ADD it obviously petered out rather rapidly.
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    Not to mention the indoctrination which begins at youth stage, where Hitler had his youth brigades, we also have our cub scouts, boy scouts, and even girl scouts. There are many similarities between Nazi Germany and the USA, in fact many Germans considered the USA the new Germany. We employed Nazi scientists and engineers, spies, and other personnel. Our form of fascism is not openly declared because the bankers always knew the strength in permitting the people the illusion of freedom. The end result is still the same. What couldn't be won with force in the past is firmly cemented with economics today.

    Great pics by the way.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    And Hitler's Germany had only one 'Political Party', controlled by the iron fist of one man. We aren't quite there yet...... bobo just THINKS he's 'large & in charge', and the two main Parties, though functionally nearly identical, are too caught up in their own petty in-fighting and bickering......

    But, the USA is coming along the Socialist/Fascist/Communist road quite nicely, thank you...... [own2]
  7. Maxflax

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    Few understand that the National Socialists rose to power as opposition the the vile and bloodthirsty Red Communists who were attempting to subvert Germany the same way they had Russia, a generation before. National Socialism of Germany was an extreme antibody that rose to combat a deadly disease and defend the German people

    Many today feel we were on the wrong side, including Patrick Buchanan and yours truly
  8. Ivan

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    it the 'bloodthirsty communists' were indeed so feared and reviled by the german people one wonders why the fascist bastards had to sneak 'socialist' into their name to borrow credibility.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    "Fighting fire with fire" most often just burns the whole forest down......

    But the Germans DID have sharper uniforms...... [slow]
  10. Redneck Rebel

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    Socialism isn't a purely communist idea. National Socialism was/is a much different theory than communism and was developed with the name National Socialism 20+ years before the NSDAP was formed. The Nazi party was fairly accurately formed on the theory of what national socialism actually was meant to be. How you see the use of the term socialism in the name as a means of borrowing credibility is beyond me.
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    Agreed that America keeps it's people patriotic while our soldiers are across the world somewhere fighting questionable wars. Twas ever thus. In every country...the people support their armies at the behest of their government which they trust.

    It seems we only have to approve war against a country once for a little while to get the ball rolling and then we must sit back and watch our troops be killed for the gratis of perhaps a poppy field production facility...or who knows what else.

    Are we burning the poppy fields or protecting them? What is going on over there? If we were really at war...which has casualties anyway...a little shock and awe ...ok ALOT of shock and awe would go a long way. But Afghanistan and Iraq did not merit a nuke I suppose...because we are not in a world war as before with Japan.

    When all else fails "follow the money".

    I think it would be best to protect our own borders and leave the rest of the world to smash against our well defended coasts. Instead we get involved in every other country's business because of American Exceptionalism and the desire to "lead them" in the best way of life. I think that we have failed in this respect...just look at us! We seem to be exceptionally stupid!

    I recently looked at this "Facebook Connections" graphic which shows the entire globe and it's connections via facebook and one can see that China has pretty much disconnected itself from the rest of the world socially...perhaps that would be the only way for America to retain it's sovereignty in the global climate we live in...but I am living in fantasy land.
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