Agenda? Opinions? Why most of the MSM is doing what it's doing? and more...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OldDude49, Mar 13, 2018.

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    2 videos that IMHO are very well worth the time to watch! Yes claims are made but these were researched first according to the videos...

    these are FREE to watch if ya have Amazon...

    Takes many things that were reported on over the years and that I was aware of and combines them into one... names are named...

    also points out a probable link with Islam/ISIS... and suggest WHY the left, which seems to embrace them may be defending them...

    If I got it right these were made by a Politician from the state of Idaho?
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    I'll have to order those. I hate having to pay for something that's going to do nothing but piss me off. But at least maybe I can sound the alarm.
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  3. OldDude49

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    Don't know that it will piss you off... but it do open the eyes to many things... and adds 2 n 2 n comes out 4 I guess...

    keep in mind some will look at what's there and say opinions...

    yet from what I've seen during my lifetime... college n such... and the way most of the MSM is acting...

    this makes perfect sense...
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    What will piss me off is the part were our politicians are selling out our country and way of life to outsiders.
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  5. OldDude49

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    some of them... it appears... think they are doing the right thing... others are perhaps just greedy for the money and power...

    yet there are still a few that are making an effort to retain our rights and our Constitution... seems...

    they are in the minority?

    it is pointed out the both parties have over the last few years moved considerably toward the left...

    perhaps the people they hired to tell em what we thought about things deceived them?

    perhaps that is why so many think they are different sides of the same coin?
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    The MSM is doing what they are doing due to a culture shift within journalism. I studied journalism during the transition from objectivity to crusade against conservatism and it's frankly why I didn't pursue that career. It started with Watergate which made Woodward and Bernstein overnight stars. From that point on everyone wanted to become "investigative journalists". As soon as you start investigating you have picked a side and can no longer be objective, and investigative was sexy and could make you rich and famous.

    Objective Journalism effectively caught a fatal cancer and began a slow painful death. Uncle Walter's editorializing for the left by twisting the facts was but a sniffle compared to what was to come. During the end of the Clinton Administration it went into Hospice before it's death during Bush II. Breitbart, Drudge, Fox came into being as a balance due to the demand of the still conservative majority, but the MSM still dominate TV coverage.

    Now enter an age where we have two generations that have been indoctrinated at the expense of educated (to the point where US education is the joke of the education world) where everyone is a victim of everyone white, male, conservative, etc - SJW's to the bone. IMO the majority of the MSM believe they are being objective because they have been conditioned to believe that they are: "I mean isn't it obvious that everything on the right is racist, sexist, etc., and in general evil incarnate?" They have been manipulated since childhood as their parents looked elsewhere allowing the state to turn out perfect little robots. How could we expect anything less?

    Don't expect it to get any better without a new cultural shift to the right that leaves us with a healthy balance. Don't expect that to happen without a lot of effort and time.
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