All wars are banker wars

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    MG_ do they teach Canadien history up there too? It seems that all day long the Canadien people mull over American affairs... so much so that they are better versed in our own history than we are.

    So what they are saying in this video, if I have it right, is that money is the root of all evil? <smirk>

    I don't know if the earth has been cooling part is correct. There have been more extreme weather conditions which is true but there are also clues that point to an average increase in temperatures slightly and generally speaking. I guess it depends on how far you want to scale the comment.

    If Woodrow Wilson was aware of this trickery in 1919 then what have we been doing all this time since then? Why has no one banded together to try and take the country back? Surely thousands, if not millions, have heard that quote and must have enough sense to understand what he is saying. I small group of four men could probably crash the banking system if they knew where to strike and how to do it. Obviously I would never do something like that but out of all the crazy people in the world you would think it would have been tried before. I mean if they are so sure that getting rid of one president can change the course of banking history then surely the door swings both ways.

    Well they just can't have our land no matter what the Presidents have promised them. They didn't make those deals in good faith and the American people will never let the land go without a fight. The bad news is that the American people don't know the meaning of the word fight. Unless you're in the military you have always relied on other people to do your fighting for you. We should teach fighting in school.
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