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    I just got back stateside a few days ago and there’s a few things I have to catch up on before I begin posting regularly again. Just a few notes to catch up:

    First off I didn’t know Mike V. had passed until the day after I got back, may he rest in peace. A quick browse through Sipsey Street and sitting in on a III% teleconference last night accomplished something for me: It gave me hope. Matt V in my opinion is a more than worthy successor to the III% mantle (even if he doesn’t want it) and his emphasis on the III% catechism is spot on. Bravo Matt, keep up the fire.

    A lot of folks are butthurt that Max Velocity has started charging for his forum. MDT has a good writeup on the subject in which he uses the phrase “tactical welfare”. And you know what? He’s spot the hell on. Some of us can afford to host free training, give free advice, insights, etc. because the ability to feed our families and pay the bills aren’t dependent on it. Max is what I call a “Grinder”, or a person that consistently puts out info, hosts training, and generally stays energized. If he needs to charge to pay the bills then so be it. To those that decry his charging I pose the following question: Would you rather he dump it and get a job thereby removing what he offers altogether? The loss of an asset like Max would be a serious loss to the community at large. I’ve heard nothing but outstanding comments from folks that have actually attended his training and his books are chock full of good solid info.

    When I see folks that scream for “free training” or “free anything” I subconsciously assign them into the same category in my mind as the Free Shit Army – once again MDT nailed it in his post about the “EBT” card. If you disagree that a man or woman should be compensated for his efforts if he delivers a quality product then step back and take a look in the mirror. If people charge and deliver substandard training then word of mouth will eventually drive them out of the business. It’s happened before. But I’ll wager Max will be around for a while.

    Next up: During my recent soiree I read Mosby’s latest book “Forging The Hero”. If you haven’t read it yet then go and buy it and read the damn thing. The Tribal insights contained in it along with the values he presents is probably the best single volume I’ve read to date. But once you’ve read it dig through and go read his source material as well. JM did a helluva job on this one.

    Final note for now: Folks I am reconnecting with a lot of the groups and militias in the state and the areas around it. What I am seeing is even worse fractioning than before I left and egos run the fuck amok. Look: If you never served a day in your life, never worked in any kind of tactical field, and never really led people then you have no business being in “Command” of anything. Likewise with rank. If you think that rank is all about authority you’re fucked in the head. It’s about responsibility. If you want to use ranks in a group fine, but if you focus on what their authority is vs. what their responsibility is then you are part of the problem and not the solution.

    Link to MDT’s post: https://masondixontactical.wordpres...the-malice-state/comment-page-1/#comment-3514

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