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    here's what you can be expecting more of as the elections get closer >>> how bad in your area will depend on the sell out by the DNC elected and their stand down orders to the PDs ....

    watch for the 2 Portland PD officers hiding down the street >>>> this is what the motorists get for their tax $$$$

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  2. BenP

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    Only in OR, I doubt they would try that foolishness here, we have too many Americans around.
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    The last trouble we had here was back in the 60,s. The little town I’m in had some marchers that the police chief told to stand down,when they didn’t he called for the garbage truck to come get them. That was sight with about twenty marchers loaded in back of the garbage truck going to jail. He had to empty the jail of old drunks before he had enough room to hold them. He kept the marcher in jail,men and women,for a week and released them without charges. He told them the next time it would be longer. You cannot do that now. The good ole days are gone.
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    Unbelievable....a couple cans of wasp spray , or mace would have been handy right then. So the mouthy guy says all N. Carolinians are white supremacist. And the cops let that happen ? And the elected officials allow it also. Man this country is going to crap.
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  6. BenP

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    It seems like the foaming wasp spray would work great!
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  7. SB21

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    I'm Starting to think these are the zombies of the apocalypse that we've been hearing about. Maybe it's time to get a jump on things and start eradicating the threat .
    Yea,, I know ,,,we can't do that . But I think you'll see later , we should have !!:D
  8. BenP

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    Dropping 4 or 5 whole house bug foggers out the window would solve the problem.

    I always thought the zombies of the apocalypse would be the starving masses if the food supply dried up.
  9. Lancer

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    And a lighter....
  10. BenP

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    It crossed my mind but I didn't want to say it.
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  11. Bishop

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    I would have parked walked back dressed the same way like a bunch of Pansy and hit this with this at point blank full face shot. counter_assault_pepper_bear_sprays_1152088_2.
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    Can see this happening in Chicago, Springfield, E STL and without doubt in Carbondale here in IL. In McLeansboro I could see it being a case of meet MR. Baton, Pepper Spray and Tazer and not so gently sent to the slam to cool off.
  13. Thunder5Ranch

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  14. Bandit99

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    Wow. This is scary. And, the police did nothing? They certainly did nothing in the videos. I certainly would not want to be put in that predicament because one is in a lose-lose situation - meaning - either the mob would tear you to pieces or you would shoot someone and the law would tear you to pieces, if they didn't shoot you down. Yet, it was the law that allowed this to happen and their lack of action put normal citizens at risk, in more ways than one, lose-lose. Scary stuff... Why are the citizens even paying taxes for a police force that won't protect them? Did anyone else notice the guy with the police baton? These terrorists were armed.

    I have no doubt, in my itty-bitty mind, that if this was tried here in Northern Idaho the streets would run red with blood. I do not think many would sit in their cars and allow themselves to be verbally abused and physically threatened and would have acted in self defense, and rightfully so, for there is no reason for a law abiding citizen to receive this type of abuse and/or fear for their lives in any part of America.

    My advice for those of this forum living in Portland is to leave. Obviously, the higher hierarchy of this city is supporting this type of terrorizing behavior instead of doing what is necessary to stop it. These people are nothing more than terrorists. Damn! This is straight out of the history books, 1930's Storm Troopers. Really, really, scary...

    The citizens of Portland need to take legal action against their Mayor, Police Chief and the City because it is quite obvious that the inmates are running the asylum, mad dogs all.

    EDIT: Also, if I was living there (and I wouldn't), I would definitely be carrying cans of Bear Spray in my car, although, personally, I would prefer the more permanent solution that comes with a FMJ piece of lead.

    EDIT: Geez, this is troubling and I can't get it out of my head now. I think there needs to be an example made, a hard crack down, for sometime those that use force only understand force and this was nothing but a terrorizing mob.
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  15. enloopious

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    Soilent Green.
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  16. Dunerunner

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    Oregon is a shall issue State. These thugs are going to go after the wrong person one day and the result will be several destroyed lives. Oregon relies on tourist dollars and this kind of activity hurts the entire State. People just decide they are going to spend their vacation dollars elsewhere. This is something the State Government should get involved in, but won't.....
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  17. Ura-Ki

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    Some day some one is going to get seriously hurt, and they will sue the living snot out of the city of Portland. Its mayor Ted Squeaker, it's Politzi Chief, and all the rest who are complicit in this and it's going to cause a tidal wave across this country.
    The other Thing, why the eff are the Sheriffs not steeping in and taking over the situation? (Besides MULTICO Sheriff Mike Reese is on the take and is a crookwled coward!!!! ) Why is the Gov'ness Bloody Brownstain not doing any thing? She needs to be dropped off in the middle of all these protests with out her O.S.P. security and get a snoot full, bet thay changes her tune!
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  18. Gator 45/70

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    Portlandia has fallen!
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  19. Dunerunner

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    Doubtful @Ura-Ki ... The left is in full support of their shock troops!
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  20. 3M-TA3

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    Portlandia has been laying face down in mud and pig sh!t for quite a while. It's only going to get worse. I'm glad I live on the fringe where it won't likely directly affect me. I go nowhere unarmed any more.
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