"Any photos you take are geo-stamped and available through the cloud,”

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by OldDude49, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. OldDude49

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    Seems a Brit is tellin his story...

    Shooting In Kentucky Taught Me Why Americans Love Guns

    When I knew I would be heading to Kentucky, the gateway to the South, experiencing the freedom of shooting was near the top of this Brit’s ‘do list.’

    Of all the freedoms that puzzle non-Americans most, the Second Amendment must surely top the list. While most of the constitutional rights, such as freedom of religion and speech, enjoy similar recognition and respect in Europe, the right to bear arms seems far removed from our definition of freedom.

    The Roots of the Second Amendment
    He then took me to his “gun safe.” As he held up each of the guns in turn, I made my first mistake. I asked if I could take photos.

    “Any photos you take are geo-stamped and available through the cloud,” he explained. “Now, everything I own here is legal, but in future that might not be the case. In that scenario, I do not want the government knowing what I have.”

    Shooting In Kentucky Taught Me Why Americans Love Guns
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  2. melbo

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    Depends on your camera and also how you've configured your photo storage. If my camera can't talk to the internet, my photos cannot be available on the internet. On phones, geotags are also configurable as on or off.
    I spent 12 years in KY and this sounds like the kind of broad statement that my shooting buddies would make about most anything technologically advanced :)

    It is, however, considered bad form to take pictures of others firearms without their permission and no matter where they might be.
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  3. ghrit

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    Yes, with the caveat that if you store the photos on your computer, with or without the cloud enabled, if you get hacked, well, you're OOL.
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  4. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    I suppose you could pull the string a little and say that if you store your photos in a box, with or without tape closing the top, if your house gets broken into, well your OOL :)
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  5. oil pan 4

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    I bought my simple camera at the BX or the AAFES "Bagram exchange", Afghanistan in 2009.
    I don't think it geo tags.
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  6. BTPost

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    If the device (Camera, Phone, Pad, etc) does NOT have a GPS Chip in it, or is NOT connected to a GPS Device, via digital Comms, then it will NOT GeoTag... My Canon T5i is such a Camera. It records to an internal, removable, Memory Card, and has NO Comm capability. So no GeoTagging... Now my iPhone, iPad, both have GPS Chips, as well as Comms capabilities, so it will DO GeoTag, if that is turned On.... There is a Specialty Memory Card, that does provide both GPS, & Comms, as well as Memory, for Pictures, and automatically dumps to an external device, or Internet Storage if so setup...
  7. ghrit

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    Yup and for sure. Thing is, your average hack can do it from Kuala Lumpur, he need not break a window. :p
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  8. stg58

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    I have a few plain Jane non wifi/blue tooth/GPS that I use for any images I don't want tagging location info.

    On an iPhone allegedly this turns if off before I believe it I would I drill into the image for any buried location info.
    How to Turn Off Geotagging For Photos On iPhone and iPad

    How To Turn off Geotagging in Android
    Open the picture and tap on Menu located at the top right corner of the screen (it’s the three horizontal dots). From the menu, tap on “Details” to see all details along with Location coordinates.


    You can also tap on “Show on map” in the menu, to see the location on Google maps.
  9. hitchcock4

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  10. Homer Simpson

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    This is one of many reasons I have a variety of older digital cameras. I have geo tagging turned off on my phone, but for things I really don't want geo tagged, use one of my cameras that never had the capability to begin with.
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  11. duane

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    Problem isn't time stamp, geo location, etc, problem is most people have lost all sense of OPSEC and have stuff on phone, internet storage sites, computers, etc that can be hacked, court can order you to turn it over as it "MIGHT" contain porn, they can search your memory devices at the border, or your wife, husband, kids, family, can get mad or be involved in a court situation and use it to harm you or your reputation. Don't take photos, let others take photos, don't have a web site on "my AR 15" collection etc. The whole world is not a friendly place, and I know one of the local small town police departments that had a cop who pretended to be an "underage" person on the internet and arrested a man from Norway that came to the US for sex. Good or bad, right or wrong, why should our local tax dollars be used to enforce such things.
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  12. chelloveck

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    It doesn't matter where the paederast perp comes from, if the offence is committed in the USA, and if such law enforcement operations keeps an American community's youngsters safe from paederasts, then its local tax dollars protecting local citizen tax payers from such criminals could probably be justified. That said, NAMBLA might also question such taxpayer funded law enforcement....for obvious reasons.
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  13. duane

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    Problem isn't that the cause isn't good and well worth doing, problem is when it changes from a cause or a useful tool to an empire trying to justify its existence. When the town has very limited resources, tax money, why should we have a policeman making $50,000 a year if you include benefits and retirement patrolling the internet and have no one patrolling the streets at 2 AM. One may deter crime , but the other gets your department on the national news and may even get them a grant. YMMV but that is the local effect and I find it hard to justify advertising on the internet to come our local area for sex for any reason and have less than total confidence in their ability to catch every one they may entice to the area.
  14. chelloveck

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    The perp so enticed may well be a local, more likely to be a local. The local LEOs are likely to be hauling local trash into the slammer, than exotic tourists from overseas. As to whether that is a resource that is being economically utilised, for the benefit of the local community, that's a judgement call that locals should be making.
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