Archery club accused of using live turkey targets

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    MANHEIM, Pa. - Dozens of domestic turkeys were staked to bales of straw and used as live targets in an archery contest, and a sportsman’s club was charged in what one investigator called “the most gutless act of cruelty,” authorities said.
    The contest at Elstonville Sportsman’s Association featured the fowl secured at their feet, allowing them to flap their wings. Participants paid $12 for three attempts to hit one with an arrow, with those drawing blood winning the animal, prosecutor Christine Wilson said. About 40 turkeys were killed.
    “It was unnecessary, unsportsmanlike and perhaps the most gutless act of cruelty I’ve seen,” said Keith Mohler, an officer authorized to enforce state animal cruelty laws.
    Mohler worked undercover as the guest of a club member who called him to report the activity. He took photos and alerted state police. The Sept. 9 event involved people “seeking amusement from the senseless torture of animals,” Mohler said.
    The club’s manager declined to discuss the case Friday.
    The association faces fines of as much as $4,000 for eight summary violations of laws against the cruel treatment of animals and offering live animals as prizes in a contest, Mohler said. A judge issued a summons to the club Monday, Wilson said.
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    That's just fowl.

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    I don't even know where to start a response on those idiots.
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    Turkey targets

    Not really much difference between this and a high fence game ranch. The big shame is that both types of shooter's like to call themselves SPORTSMEN!!! What a bunch of HYPOCRITS.[soap]
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    Amen they make me want to puke and kick them in the nuts on my nice days
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    Staked out on a Fireant mound otta straighten em up!!!!!
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    Let me guess, it was a "Turkey Shoot" with real turkeys? [LMAO] [LMAO] [LMAO]
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    Crude as it sounds, they're turkeys, not puppies; they should just get over it. Think about the humane way they are slaughtered each year before thanksgiving. No, these people aren't sportsman. Sure, they would starve if they ever had to hunt for a meal, but I can't get bent out of shape over the death of a few turkeys.
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    There is no excuse... ever... to inflict suffering for entertainment or profit. And this coming from me who is an avid hunter. I despise factory farming, and I don't think that saying "it's not as bad as" just don't cut it.

    The high fence thing - If you want to go out and shoot a deer in an enclosure for dinner, fine, just don't call it hunting, call it what it is.... grocery shopping. And do it humanely with a gun, not a bow like the video of idiot guy there.
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    What about Rosie McDonald?
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    Think they would get upset if someone tied her feet to a straw bail and used her for a target? Then to if whoever hit her had to take her home Im sure everyone would all of a sudden become VERY bad shots so dont guess that would matter anyhow. lol
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