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    I would humbly suggest training up for coming storm.
    Some of my ongoing training.
    Tactical skills and safety course designed to promote street awareness and deadly force decision making skills. Course is for CCW permit holders who have completed Civilian Tactical Academy Phase 1 and are serious about taking their current skills to the next level. Instructed by Law Enforcement Academy Instructors, the course will cover awareness, avoidance and deadly force scenarios. Tactical live fire component.

    Tactical shooting skills and safety course designed around the M4 Carbine. This 8 hour course is for CCW permit holders and is instructed by Law Enforcement Academy Instructors. Students will learn nomenclature, maintenance and rifle set up. Live fire will consist of weapon control, malfunction drills, movement, multiple distance shooting and use of cover. All participants must possess a valid CCW permit.Tactical live fire component.

    Tactical shooting skills course, Civilian Tactical 3, will include simulated deadly force encounters using a state of the art video simulator, “MILO” as well as actual force on force live training. Participant will also be introduced to drawing and firing a weapon from a seated position, as well as defending yourself in and around your vehicle. This course will also include a live fire component using skills learned in Civilian Tactical 1 and 2. Instructed by Law Enforcement Academy instructors, course will enhance your knowledge of a deadly force incident. Tactical live fire component.
    Video shows portions of St. Cloud mall attack [Graphic content]

    Police show video of St. Cloud mall attacker's fatal encounter with off-duty officer
    A 20-year-old Somali refugee who stabbed 10 people last month at a St. Cloud mall and terrified others witnessing the brutal attacks could well have been inspired by Islamic terror causes, authorities said Thursday.
    Armed with two steak knives, Adan raced through the mall that night and stabbed victims in the head, neck and chest while store employees frantically shut their gates and shoppers ran for cover, according to authorities and video of the scene that was shown at the news conference.

    In several instances, authorities said, Adan had asked some of his victims whether they were Muslim. While stabbing one victim, he yelled “Allahu akbar [God is the greatest] and also “Islam, Islam” during the attacks, Thornton said.

    The attacks ended when an off-duty police officer from a smaller neighboring city who had been shopping at the mall fatally shot Adan in a confrontation.
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    If people were armed this kind of carnage would not happen. But, as long as there are those who believe that dialing 911 will save them, there will be incidents like this one. I just shake my head over people abdicating their own safety and security to someone else.
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    basically it boils down to, Do you believe the Police can make there before they kill you? Probably not! Never seen that happen yet!
    So, it makes more sense that we should protect ourselves, when the Police show do show up, all the have to do is haul the carcass to the morgue!
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    Don’t ever outsource your safety to the government.
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    OMG! Did I just see an Islamic terrorist killed! Oh no! Pffssst.
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