As Telegram messaging app blocks Islamic State sites, new ones pop up

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    I always wonder if encryption providers have or may start providing back doors to the NSA or other alphabet agency’s US or foreign

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    As Telegram messaging app blocks Islamic State sites, new ones pop up| Reuters

    Mobile messaging service Telegram is racing to shut down broadcast channels used by Islamic State to promote its causes and recruit members, but the group is creating new channels apparently just as quickly.

    Berlin-based Telegram, created two years ago by the founder of Russia's most popular social network site Vkontakte, has caught on in many corners of the globe as an ultra-secure way to quickly upload and share videos, texts and voice messages.

    Two months ago, a new public broadcast feature of Telegram became the preferred method for Islamic State to broadcast news and share videos of military victories or sermons, according to security researchers.

    The group used Telegram to claim responsibility for the Paris attacks, which left 129 people dead, and the bombing of a Russian airliner over Egypt last month, which killed 224.

    In a statement published on its site on Wednesday, Telegram said it has been able to identify and block 78 IS-related broadcast channels in 12 languages on its site.

    "We were disturbed to learn that Telegram's public channels were being used by ISIS to spread their propaganda," it said.
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    Gosh, is it not amazing how smart these terrorists are. Where is all of this technology coming from??? The gov has been begging for all encryption. Gosh, 2+2=4. They say isis will use the 4 amendment to attack us................huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, where are they getting all of their weapons? WHO is selling to them......They make a million a day on oil....HUH!!! Where are they selling their oil??? These almost sound like covert operations? huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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