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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CATO, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. CATO

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    Anyone have one of these? I have a Colt Mustang and really like it, but forget about buying another. This gun looks just like it.

    Here's a deal:
  2. NVBeav

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    IIRC, Sig bought the rights to the Colt Mustang a few years ago and started releasing their own version. From what I've heard, they've cleaned up the rough edges and have the p238 working very well.

    There are lots of reviews on it, so do a search and check it out.
  3. CATO

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    Thanks for the head's-up. I did some research and confirmed what you said.

    This link is useful for other interested parties:
    SIGP238 & Colt Mustang

    I have a Sig P232 and hate it. It shoots consistently off, but the MustangII is dead on.

    Given they're basically the same gun, I'd think about buying one if I found a deal, but, I just got a S&W Bodyguard. I like it, but, I'm just not a fan of hammerless guns. This is purely a logical fallacy on my part, because all of my semi-auto rifles are "hammerless." Still though, I frequently carry that Mustang in my pants pocket and feel confident it's a paperweight until I cock the hammer. I don't have this confidence with DA only pistols. Irrational...yes.
  4. NVBeav

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    Thanks for the link... I sympathize with you about needing a hammer. I've got the Polish P-64, which is also essentially a paperweight without the hammer cocked (25 - 30 lbs DA with hammer down). There are ways around this by changing the spring, but I leave it that way it is because I feel better carrying one in chamber, and inside the belt point somewhere near sensitive areas.
  5. CraftyMofo

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    Got one, i love it. It is incredibly accurate for a pocket pistol. I haven't had any problems with about 750 rounds thru it. As you mentioned it uses Mustang mags, so they can be found reasonably priced. Two thumbs up from this monkey!
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