Audio of Michelle Obama has surfaced.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Jan 9, 2014.

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    There are no words --
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    I try to ignore all the obvious points to his place of birth because all it does is piss me off. It wouldn't matter if he did one of those Address The Nation speeches and announced it himself. Nothing would happen. The powers that be, with full support of his mindless followers, would make sure he stayed right where he is.
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    Seems the whole of the Democratic party is built upon endless layers of lies. What bugs me the most is those Republicans who want to be "Me Too".

    How long oh "LORD", how long?
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    Was pondering, if everyone considers the .gov as all powerful and we who are concerned are to few to affect any changes.. Has this become the common mind set? The propaganda machine pumps out that the .fed is dictating to the states what they are allowed to do, dictates to other nations, and then, dictates to us.. Yet, all the state .gov's complacently excepts it. The people complacently excepts it. Other nations just turn their backs. In my mind, this "most powerful nation" and "the leader of the free world" crap needs to stop! We need to point out that the president is nothing special and has NO special authority except allowed by the constitution...Just as the other branchs are constrained.. The point is that as the .fed dictates to everyone, that just makes them nothing more than dictators..
    Crap! broke a leg falling off the soap box...
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    "Of the people, by the people, and for the people" means nothing to the poli ticks. They are in it for themselves as evidenced by their feather bedding legislations. What ever happened to the interest in "amemdment 28"? IMO the only way this is going to get changed is by a liberal application of the third box contents.
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    These parasites aren't always going to hand you a smoking gun like this. How many out there would still be wondering where "Obama", the CIA banking pet was born if this speech wasn't recorded?

    You see, the problem isn't so much the fact that the republic is long dead, replaced by a corporate oligarchy and run by appointed puppets. The problem is ignorance, fear and indifference on part of the PEOPLE who continue to live in denial, despite what MANY OF US have been telling THEM for YEARS.

    But, we're just the crazy ones. Never mind us, go back to sleep.
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