AZ Demonrat pervert for Governor

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Legion489, May 20, 2017.

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    Never heard of this guy.

    But if he's a Democrat, Pima county will go for him. The rest of the state doesn't share in this county's leftist infection.

    The people of this town (Tucson) just voted themselves another half-cent sales tax increase in line with the leftist local government. The mayor and council said it was needed to fix the roads, with no mention of what happened to the money already slated for that purpose. The leftist California transplant sucker voting public fell for it. PT Barnum was right.

    Now the county, encouraged by the city's successful tax increase, is pushing to increase property taxes - again.[rnt]
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    Our Governor is an admitted active bisexual who has encounters outside her marriage. I don't really give a crap what they do within the bounds of their marriage, but she isn't very discreet. Here she is being french kissed by an entertainer at a charity event that she attended at her then official capacity as Secretary of State.

    Sorry, 'bout that - here is something to take the pain away:

    Point is liberals will always get a pass. How many women did Bill Clinton get to rape without punishment or even harm to his public image? Even Anthony Wiener was flameproof until he got between Hillary Clinton and the Oval Office. Makes you wonder what Huma had to do to keep him accident free?
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    I'm flying into Pima county tomorrow. Folks keep asking why I don't move back....

    Back in the early 60s wasn't too bad - but it has been overrun with Califlowers and Snow Turds. Not worth living in the A/O any more, sadly. I actually like the climate -- for most of the year....
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    I moved here in the mid 70s. It wasn't too bad then either The cowboy culture was still strong, taxes were still fairly low. Then in 1992 I moved to northeastern Nevada for 15 years. In 2007 I moved back to Pima County and holy cow, what a mess!

    I asked a longtime friend and old hunting buddy of mine what happened. He gave the same answer as you - Califlowers and Snowturds.

    About another year, retirement, and I'm moving on to some property that I purchased in Mohave county, about 275 miles north. Different world, much better at least for now.

    Yeah DKR, I know why you're not moving back.
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    Funny thing is, it seems that it is limited - pretty much, to Pima county. Two of my brothers moved back and asked when I would be the next. Sadly, unless there is a wholesale export of the liberal loons, I don't see it as possible.

    Serra Vista and thereabout might be nice, but it has become a super-hiway for the illegals. One of my brothers lived there for a couple years then gave up and left for CO. I don't see that as an improvement, but at least now his wife doesn't have to provide overwatch for him to take out the trash....

    I do miss the thunderstorms...
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    Monsoons were much more active back in the late 70s. Very entertaining. Since then it seems they're but a whimper with a little bit of drizzle.
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