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    Thank you to all who have prayed for me and my family. Since the beginning of October, I have been here in Washington State with my son as he navigated a nasty divorce. His wife got caught cheating while he was deployed through phone records with someone she said she would no longer see after a previous affair. She fled the state with the kids and the babysitter reported it to base command. They reached her and threatened her with kidnapping and immediately flew my son home where I flew out to be with him. She returned, and then went to NCIS and CPS and accused him of marital rape and child abuse. I remained in Washington except for a few trips home to be present as a supervisor so he could have visits with his kids while the investigations took place. After months and several court dates, he was cleared of all charges, it was proven she lied because her stories to the various agencies were different, and some of the dates she gave he was not even in the country. Yesterday, our lawyer wiped the floor with her lawyer, my sons child support was cut in 1/2 because she lied about 800 per month daycare when it turned out she was getting through Dept of Social Services and was only paying 15. He now has more time with his kids, is paying less, and his good name and honor restored with NCIS and CPS saying she was vindictive and needed a mental eval. This mama is now leaving big foot country with a cat named Quazi that I adopted while here on a red-eye flight tonight for Virginia to reclaim MY life. I have to start over on my emergency savings fund after paying an enormous amount for a fantastic Lady shark lawyer and may seek a part time job. My hubby handed over well into the mid 5 figures to a son that is his only by marriage to me when my sons real father would not help out at all. My hubby also supported us by buying all our groceries while here, took care of my parents and horses in Virginia while I was gone and allowed me to be gone 5 months to be here for my son. I am so blessed. Not exactly survival monkey topic, but it was about survival. Headed Home!
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    Sure sounds like a survival story of pulling together for a positive outcome to me :)
  3. Yard Dart

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    Job well done Mama!!!
    Glad to hear it worked out for him....I bet he is relieved that this chapter is over!!!
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    Much relieved!
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    Glad everything turned out in his favor. And his name was cleared. I went thru a very similar situation over 20 years ago, stuck with it, cleared my name, then got custody of my daughter at 7 years old. You've got to fight sometimes to be able to stay in your kids life , it shows them they are really loved and can be the the deciding factor in some of the choices they make later in life . No disrespect to our Lady monkeys , but some women can be some evil creatures .
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    Divorces are expensive because they are worth it.
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    Got custody of both my sons when I split from my first ex... had all kinds of documentation...

    learned from that to try to always get things documented... most times helps out in court if you have done what is right...
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    I am so happy to hear that things turned out for the best. The children being safe is #1. Many people have stories regarding children and custody battles. Sadly the children get lost when one of the adults goes off the rails. We kidnapped my step-daughter and thankfully all turned out well and we were awarded custody.

    One of the thing that you and your son will have to do is to always speak kindly of the Ex in front of the children, meaning you always have to take the high road. Good luck to you and the cat on your flight.
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    Thanks motomom! We will never badmouth her to the kids, and I still hugged her in front of them at exchanges. They are what's most important. I also pray that she puts them first in the same way. When the dust clears, I hope they can co-parent in a better fashion.Dreading the flight, but looking forward to normalcy!
  10. Tully Mars

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    Glad to hear that truth won out. Unfortunately divorce can often bring out truly evil and spiteful acts that one wouldn't think possible from someone you put your faith in and gave your love to. Hope you and your family's lives can get back to normal. Have a good flight back home:)
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    Bless all you folks! :)
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    Never feel that you can't or shouldn't share what you have, or like are a part of the SM family, and we are here to support those who are doing it tough....Such narratives are important to us, when dealing with our own various challenges in life; in knowing that we are not alone in our travails.
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    Thanks Chelloveck!
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    That's one of the worst I have ever heard.
    How in hell does lieing like a rug in the most disgusting manor possible not disqualify one from being parental material in the eyes of the court?
    If I was dictator people who lie in such a manor would be removed from their kids, sterilized, put in the forced labor camp I mean put in jail.
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