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  1. stg58

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    I needed a new background check at work and received an email stating that I can get a copy so I checked it out,,,,fooled them again:LOL:

    It is interesting to see what they know don't know and where they check.
    My wife and myself lived in a house for three months while we were waiting to move into our house no utilities or phone (land line days) in our name but it was listed they did a Google search nothing hit but they listed an alias for me with my birth date off by one year I must have hit one year off on a drop down no specific place but I guess I have an alias:)

    Along with my state criminal and DMV some other data bases.

    Anyone ever see their background check?

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  2. Brokor

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    I can see the validity in this service. It certainly could prove useful for the dating scene, too. :):love:
    There are a lot of bad people out there.
  3. Yard Dart

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    I have never seen my background checks but I know basically what they will have, since there is nothing of interest to pin on me that is negative.... but I have had a lot of checks over the years. I have done some of the basic online checks on myself for fun in the past and I have three names out there linking to sounds Asian....which might be helpful if someone is searching for a 6-foot asian guy...they might walk right by me!! :lol:
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  4. stg58

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    The thing that scared me seriously, there was a picture of ME and I did not know who it was....for a few minutes.

    I am serious. Damn I am an ugly humanoid.
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  5. BTPost

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    When I was giving my FBI Interview for becoming a FED, I got a chance to read my FBI File... It was about an inch thick. It was very interesting reading... They interview just about everyone I ever interacted with, in my life. They had documented things, that my parents didn't even know about... They even had the Railroad Express Car Incident, that happened when I was in college... Oh, Well... All water under the bridge, now... and I got the Job, anyway... I am sure it must be at least two inches thick, by now...
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  6. hank2222

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    In my former life I had a high level security clearance and as Bt-post said there is things that I forgot about in there but some of the people where I grew up at did not .they had my one teacher in there talking about my wild side as a teenager
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  7. tacmotusn

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    I saw a BC for my top secret Navy clearance that was run on me in 1988 so I could go to school for a nuke capable weapons system and could be an operator and repair tech on same said weapon system. It was interesting to me in what they missed completely. I will not elaborate on that. They really did do a poor due diligence check on me. At the time however I already had 18 years military service behind me. I think the check they did was cursory at best.
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  8. Motomom34

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    I have never had a background check on me but I have been interviewed by a military person on a former worker. They had load of questions. The different names that have for someone or associated with you is bothersome. How does a strange name become linked to yours? Is that from someone trying to steal your identity?
  9. Brokor

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    Negative. It is because of the lizard people who want to eat us. No, lots of people use false ID, and out west it's relatively easy to acquire fake ID. Now, if you were careless and lost your wallet or purse, maybe got a little too drunky-poo one night and spilled the beans to some strangers, or you've been shopping on less than trustworthy websites, then you might have somebody trying to steal your identity. Also consider the distinct possibility that there are multiple versions of "you" out there (people with the same name), and in some cases with the same social security number as well. None of these people stole your information, just as you never stole theirs. Background checks are kind of hokey, especially when they become thorough. I know some branches of the military just perform a routine check unless it's of the highest importance.
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  10. Motomom34

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    People cannot have the same social security numbers. No one should have mine or yours.
  11. Brokor

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    And yet, it happens. I remember back in 1992 at a MEPS station I was informed that I had to further verify exactly who I was after telling them my SS#. I inquired further, and one told me (very softly so as not to be overheard) that there are multiple people with the same SS# and name (for me) and it happens very often. They are also not *supposed* to tell us this. This is due in part to truncated data, but for some (unexplained) reason, it happens. Whether there are actually people out there or not with the same information, who can say? Maybe it's alien lizard body snatchers, possibly illegal aliens and the black market, maybe the secret government cloning program gone haywire, or maybe it's just the computer age.
  12. Brokor

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    @Motomom34 Visit Free Credit Score & Free Credit Reports With Monitoring | Credit Karma and create an account if you like, it's free. I use their services to manage my credit, and for being free and in no way intrusive, I can't complain. They don't even sell your information. Anyway, upon account creation you will have to verify "which" person you are. This is just one, simple example. Also keep in mind, every time you use your credit card/bank card, create an account with anything financial online, be certain to read the fine print. Many companies do share your personal information and sell to telemarketers, even the NRA, for example.

    From Credit Karma:
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  13. Thunder5Ranch

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    I can tell you when you get a background check and you cease to exist from 1994-1998 folks always assume the worst. Then want you explain where you were and what you were doing for 4 years. Sadly no one believes you when you say, you just gave society the finger and went and lived in the woods for a while. The they ask what were you hiding from..... and you reply A holes like you....... and oops you don't get the job.
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  14. BTPost

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    That is for sure @Thunder5Ranch... After College, my partner and I spent two years "Off-Civilization" and that was a major ISSUE, during My FED Background Check.... They even went and tracked down my partner, to verify, as well as some others that knew us, both back then... and still, after all that, I do NOT think they believed it....
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  15. chimo

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    I'm of Italian descent, "what's behind me is not important" isn't only the first rule of Italian driving!

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  16. Bandit99

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    Then a few of you ( @Thunder5Ranch and @BTPost ) understand the hell I went through when I came back stateside after 30+ years abroad. The insurance guys would run checks and give me the stint-eye. Even the bank was giving me a hard time because there was no data on me but since one must provide a SSN to open an account at least they understood, while it was unusual, I was a real entity. The worse was when I wanted to rent an apartment while we were looking to purchase a house. Most would not do so because there simply wasn't any 'me' in the system. I had to use cash. I've never had credit, simply don't believe in it. Now, after 2 years back, I'm everywhere and get a load of junk mail to prove it...

    @BTPost You were damn lucky to get a pass from the Feds on the Background as I am sure you know. They get real nervous if you cannot account for time and prove it. Luckily your partner could verify it and they accepted, don't think they would now days. In fact, I am sure they wouldn't. Huge Red Flag and their neck if it turns out bad so they would have just tossed your paperwork if filed today.
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  17. BTPost

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    @Bandit99 I was lucky, in that the Regional Director for Region X recruited me, when he heard I was moving to Alaska... He had about ten years of experience with Me, and knew my work. He vouched for me, with the Security Clearance Folks... When I got sworn in, the nearest available person, was the Admiral that commanded USCG District 17, and who's Office is in Juneau, AK... I flew into town, and had a nice chat with the Admiral, got sworn in, gave me my Badge & Credentials, took me to lunch, and then I got introduced to the Commander in Charge of Comms for District 17, and he gave me a tour of their facilities.. It was a Good Day...
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  18. Byte

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    Huh. Brokor, of all the posters on this forum, I figured you for that last guy to give up their info for a service like that. So you feel it's actually worth using their services?

    Reading through their terms of service, I must admit, it seems like they're serious about maintaining personal privacy from their end.
  19. Ganado

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    just wait untill someone steals your identity. It took me 2 years to get all of the nonsense cleared from my data records. I still have locks on my credit and reup them every 7 years because of this incident.

    my back ground checks always ask about this, always, it never goes away
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    Bruce with your association here I'm sure its at least 6 inches thick
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