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    Howdy all...the house I moved into last year has a crabapple tree in the front yard and an apple tree in the back. Based on how things are going so far this summer I am going to have a stunningly bounteous harvest in a couple of months. I am already preparing my supplies to make applesauce and perhaps juice.

    The issue is that I am going to end up with WAY more sauce and juice than I would typically use in a year. I could try selling extra at the local farmers market but I can't just have a table for one or two weeks...I have to have a table for the entire summer and I don't want to do that. I thought that a good idea would be to trade what I have for things I don't. The concept is pretty easy but what I am interested in hearing is whether anyone has done this? If so, what would you consider to be a good trade? Jar for jar? This could work except for items that don't typically come in jars like cheese or meat or milk. Approximate retail for approximate retail? This could work to except when some dolt starts mentioning "well your stuff is on sale now so I won't more". Maybe pound for pound?

    There are good ideas and I would like to know what has worked for those who have done it.
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    Carefully on trades, some " Products" have more value. Say I wanted to trade you for your apples, and I am offering berries you won't find in your AO, the value of what I offer is more then the value of what you have, so an equitable trade would need to be negotiated out side a set price! Same thing in reverse, my offer could be less then yours, so we bargen for an agreeable value.
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    Fair enough...but I think it likely that I'll be trading locally for stuff I could have grown but did not.
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    Hard Cider
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    Don't forget apple butter...
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    And dehydrate some and seal 'em up.
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    I haven't did that yet.But I'd like to try .
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    Talk to others about a Co-op table... 3-4 folks rent a table in a co-op name and sale over the year....
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