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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Aug 7, 2012.

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    good post
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    Maybe. I kept hearing about them but knew next to nothing about this drug.
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    What's interesting to me is the over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight). When the SNS gets really stimulated due to lifethreatening stress, the prefrontal cortex (human part) of our brains shut down and we revert to what physiologists refer to as the "monkey brain" (no offense to monkeys here). When this happens, we lose the ability to problem solve and other cognitive functions. We also have increased strength.

    It is a common attack technique for chimpanzees to attack the face (see recent chimp attacks). Now, connect the dots...bath salts revert the human brain to the "monkey brain" and both chimps and those intoxicated on bath salts have a proclivity to rip the face off victims.

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    Scary stuff. Reminds of the reactions (although not eating people's faces) of spice. Had a guy drop on me, blood pressure spike, unresponsive....was already filling out the death certificate in my head. Then he came to and he was a BEAST. The description of agitation doesn't quite do it, it's like calling a tsunami a wave. I'd rather take care of people high on cocaine or withdrawing from heroin, neither of which is pretty. I would rather see some drugs legalized than dealing with the synthetic crap.
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    Thanks, Melbo...felt a little out of the loop not knowing what this stuff is...i was wondering who the heck got the idea of smoking epsom salt, lol.
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    tumblr_m5gpjafKSS1qfnyl1o1_1280. tumblr_m5gpjafKSS1qfnyl1o1_1280.
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