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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Feb 24, 2012.

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    I was wondering what type of batteries are most used in the off grid solar set up....not size, but brand....they range fron golf cart batteries from sam's club, to Rolls Surretts .....And they all work, but what are the ones that should be looked at, and which ones should be avoided if possible....Seeing as you can be looking at a price range from about $100.00 up to $600.00????, what is everyone using? Still have a while before buying, but it gets confusing with the 8-10 battery brands, some stating that they are expressly made for "solar use". As this could possibly be the largest amount of $ in your solar system, might help to have some of the guy's that have some experience off grid to give some info ......Thanks for any help...rsbhunter
  2. Nadja

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    The standard of the industry would be the Trojen series in 6volt deep cycle. They were I believe first used to power the millions of golf carts around the country. When I bought my first batteries over 16 years ago, the T-105's were the only real option for solar users. The problem with the l-16 series no matter what brand is, that no one person (average) is going to pick one of those up and load them into the back of a truck. They are very dificult for just one person to handle, although if your like a lot of people you may have equipment avail to do it for you. So, most of us work with the golf cart size's anyway,. They work pretty well for their size.
  3. TnAndy

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    Hire ya a hefty kid to go on the other handle. Not like you're gonna move them but twice....once in, once out.


    Solar Batteries - Deep Cycle Battery- Lifeline Batteries - Powerstride Battery
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    I use PS 4000 AGM They are small but very heavy. They don't need venting so they can be placed in small spaces. My system can be very portable. They run everything I need and then some. I can disconnect one pannel, with a spare controler, with one battery and go camping.
  5. Nadja

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    Andy, I have never heard of these batteries before today. Have you any user comments on them ? They all claim to be the best , but the Trojens and Rolls Surrette have a pretty good track record.
  6. ghrit

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    Fleet Submarine Battery System

    These would be almost ideal, if the weight doesn't deter you. Pay no attention to the "fleet" name, they are in current use. The Navy does NOT wear them out, and replaces the entire bank in a given vessel, just because, and sells them out as surplus. At a ton a pop, you'll have to know where they go before they get there. Might take some looking, but if you find them, there are deals to be had. Plus shipping of course.
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  7. ColtCarbine

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    Here is a US Government auction site, do not know if it one that would sell them. I have been keeping my eyes open for a few things, not batteries though.
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    GSA auction

    Coltcarbine...great site...can see where you REALLY want to make sure of what you're buying, and the condition, but some neat stuff...rsbhunter
  9. CATO

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    I have bought a few things from here. I haven't had any issues. But, I also steered away from things that stated "well used" and preferred the items that were "excellent/like new" or "good" condition.
  10. irayone

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    Nadja.... The Ps 4000's series are small 7 in x 7 in 30 amp hr batteries that are easy to hide, easy to carry. I can run my survival system on one 100watt solar cell and 2 batteries. This will run a reffer and any other electric devise without hassel. I have never run out of batteries at the end of the day. By 9:00 Am my batteries are full. As stated the Rolls and trojans seem to be the best. Just a suggestion...I have a fried with an off grid system. He buys one new battery each year and adds it to his system. It has been 10 years since. He told me he has only had to trash one battery with in that time period. A new purchase every year insures a lasting set up.
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