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    I have always been partial to small thin wallets. My first wallet from when I was in grade school was a brown leather simple two pocket card wallet that my dad gave me. It held my ID, a little cash and a house key. Oh the good old (and simple) days! It was so thin and flat that you would be hard pressed to tell I had a wallet in my pocket. Different story if I am just happy to see you... :whistle:

    So my whole life, I have been using these small thin card wallets. Each for a long time. The one from my dad, I carried until my late 20's. Then I got a thinner leather one, but with one accordion pocket. Been using that until this year. It is very functional and simple. It even holds a load of survival gear. Only problem was if I drop it, things can spill out. Fortunately, only happened once in all these years. And at home.

    For whatever reason, I felt like a change and I heard about Belroy and checked them out. I likey it!

    Card Pocket - Slim Leather Wallets by Bellroy

    It holds slightly less than my fold over wallet, but is smaller and more secure.

    Here it is with a Space Pen for scale on my orange bandana.


    It holds my cards, spare cash and some survival goodies.


    The survival goodies...


    A fresnel lens that is 25 years old (will put a new one in maybe), a bandaid (because monkeys ask for them sometimes), a piece of cotton batting cord, an original brass Sparkle, and some Spiderwire (gotta be at least 30-50 feet) wrapped around a piece of thin cardboard.

    In my older, slightly larger wallet, I had a longer piece of cord running through a brass tube, two tinderquick, a piece of sandpaper, and a small coil of wire. Maybe I will add more stuff to this one later. But I like the neat size.

    Anyway, to me, it is a cool wallet and very well made. So far, I am liking it.
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    Now that the review is written, I believe it is sushi time!!
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    I have a George Castanza wallet! The sink wont fit in there, so , I don't carry that with me. My wife tells me if I didn't have that wallet I wouldn't have a butt at all to hold my pants up!:)
    My brother gave me a canvas and Velcro wallet for my 17th birthday when I enlisted in the Army. I carried that thing for 37 years. It's hard to let go of things you grown attached to sometimes!
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    Sushi could be my jello too...

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    Me too @Hanzo love sashimi and sushi both!
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    The toro was soooo good!
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    That's just, Straight Up Cruel!
    We found a couple all you can eat Sushi Rest. out here for $12.95. I thought how good can it be? I was amazed. We have thrown as much as $200 a visit in the past.
    We do sushi about once a month![drooling]
    Hey you just derailed your own thread![LMAO]
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    It wouldn't be a proper hanzo thread without grub!
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    I like it the way it is just fine...


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