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    Bicycles: The Ultimate SHTF Ground Transportation
    Think about it. What other machine is hugely inexpensive, human-propelled, can move sizeable weight over long distances, on multiple road conditions and varying terrains, at reasonably good speed? The title gave it away but a bicycle is a remarkably efficient form of transportation and very relevant to prepping plans. I thought I’d offer my thoughts because even though there are several references to bicycles as SHTF transportation but there isn’t much detail in which bike would be optimal for most people. Not only can a bike be simple and dependable transportation, but the right kind of bike can carry a lot of stuff. In my case, full disclosure…I’m a bike technician, I have several suitable bikes ready to head for the hills and I wanted to share a few guidelines on what may be appropriate for your prepping.

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    It's about bikes Kaitlin, either click on it or not, but don't whine to me about it.
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    Well the NVA used bicycles loaded down with 400 to 500 pounds of stuff to get supplies to the front lines in places where US air power blew up all the NVA vehicles.
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    Agree with most of this article, even the old 10 speeds can have a triple crank added. Steel frame preferred as aluminum is much tougher to repair if it gets damaged and will break suddenly without warning whereas with steel it will usually let you know there is a problem that needs attention before it breaks, and can be brazed and welded for repair. Think of a step through frame as then you can load up the rear and still be able to mount your bike easily. You need to know enough to be able to maintain and repair your bike yourself. I like a bike with common parts easy to scrounge in an emergency, Ashtabula single piece cranks with attendant bearings are easy to maintain and you just need channel locks or a large crescent wrench for full takedown, 26 x 1.95 tires and wheels are abundant, brake pads should be of the common type, spare tubes and tube patch kit. Always have a pump, as inner tubes are butyl rubber, and will always leak air. Try some blue Marine grease for your bearings, it's waterproof and works great for me. Just some observations from an old bike dude.
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    bicycles are nice but I like my Kawasaki mule
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    A crescent wrench no larger than you need, and a cheater bar, will pack smaller, and be lighter weight than a large wrench, and the same cheater bar can be used on all the wrenches you may need to carry.
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    Don't forget, bikes can pull a little trailer too.
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    I use PVC pipe for a cheater.....Use the dark gray stuff.
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