Bill of Rights & Hillary Supporters

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    Mark Dice is hitting the boardwalk and questioning those all knowing Californians again. The video is just pathetic. Not pathetic in poor quality it is sadly showing that these people have no clue what the bill of rights is. They try to talk things up like they have a clue but fail.

    These Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights if She's Elected President - YouTube
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    And yet their vote counts just as much as yours does.
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    Why is it that nothing surprises me any more?
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    No it counts twice as much because they vote at least twice....

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    Yeah well Rand Paul is a constitutional supporter. Christie is a closet leftist who simply doesn't understand what that means, and it really showed during the debate. He places perceived safety above constitutional rights. I wouldn't trust Christie as dog catcher.
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