Black Guest on Colbert:"Barack Obama is NOT BLACK!"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GaryBrun, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Oh puhleeze! He isn't black, he's African-American. And I'm not white, I'm Scottish/Native American-American. *rolls eyes*

    And that silly individual needs to pull her head out of somewhere - there were "free" people of color the whole while we had slaves as an institution in this country. They started life here as free, they ended life here as free. And they were still BLACK, ummmm, African American.

    Anything for 15 minutes of airtime, I guess.

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    And there were lots of Irish slaves as well. In the early colonies, the Irish were cheaper than the black slaves as the English could basically pick them up for "free" to be sold, where they usually purchased black slaves from other black slavers.

    You don't find that in the media or history books much.... hmmmm....

    I'm part Irish, I wonder if Al Sharpton wants me to get reparations too.
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