blacks turning to homeschooling in record numbers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Jun 18, 2012.

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  2. That should produce some interesting failures to help justify banning homeschooling.
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    We’re able to focus on black history a little bit more than I think public schools would give it,” said Hayes, who moved from San Bernadino, Calif., five years ago. “We’re actually able to learn the things we want to learn, whatever that might be, and I think that would go with any nationality.”

    Read more: African-Americans increasingly turn to home-schooling | Fox News

    The things WE want to learn. HUH? Are there things they don't WANT to learn?
    And yes, we did home school and we exposed our kids to many different cultures and thoughts even if we did not agree with them.
    Many thanks to our internet 'teachers' when the kids ability in math out stripped ours. A lot of work for us but well worth it.
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    I applaud them if they are able.....

    I for one am glad to see some black parents aware of the failures of the public school system. I honestly don't see how any parent who is smart enough to see those failings and cares enough to tackle the problem themselves could really do a worse job than the public school system. I applaud their effort.
    Don't get me wrong, their are many so called parents, or many colors including lily white who are not fit to be parents or to even take care of a dog, let alone home school their kids.
    I don't know how many of you are aware that there are national standards that all school systems in every county of every State are graded by. As much as I harp about the failures of the public school system, I have to be proud that in my own Gilchrist County Florida, as far as the 67 counties here, they are in the very top tier. Memory fails me as I write this, I think they were #4 at the top.
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    For the journalist to spin this into a "Black" story, to me, seems a bit of a reach. Homeschooling across all demographics is an increasing trend. We homeschool, for the very reasons quoted by the "black" parents in this story.

    As more of our black population achieves economic and educational parity with the white population, and becomes less of a "minority" element, I would expect them to follow the same trends as the white population.

    There are communities, and even major cities, like Memphis, where blacks were minorities fifty years ago; but they have become the majority population (currently about 61% of the population), and are having to contend with difficulties generated by their new "minorities" - Hispanics. The primarily black police force is having to attend cultural sensitivity classes, aimed at the Hispanic community; and learn rudimentary Spanish.

    A lot of whites want to paint the black population in general as "the problem" when the subjects of drugs, crime, and welfare come up; but there are a lot of black citizens who detest all the same things that white citizens do, and a lot of black parents who worry about the safety, and education, of their children just as much as white parents do.

    I think we would be better served to consider "population groups" rather than "race" when discussing education, crime, or any other subject that affects us all. When looking at parents who decide to homeschool, I don't see the color of a parent's, or child's, skin any more important than the color of their hair or eyes. It's a non-issue, and articles that continue to attempt to highlight the differences between races do this country no favor.
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    My two children have been homeschooled for most of their lives because we refuse to subject them to the failure that is the Louisiana public school system. Black or white, its everyone's problem especially down here where all that matters to the state is LEAP scores and making the quota.
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    I don't have kids so what passes for education these days isn't something I'm real up on. However, I was talking to some mothers of elementary age kids the other day on a "For Sale In" Facebook page, and I was _horrified_ at how bad the school in the town near me is. What started it, was a post offering her kid to do yard work or wash cars or whatever, because he needed to raise $75 for the "ticket" he got in school. His crime? He passed a note in class. For passing a note, this SECOND GRADE KID got a ticket that requires him to go to juvenile court! I said, that's BS you can't send someone to court over something that isn't even on the books. Tell them to twist off. She said that some other parents tried to blow off stupid tickets (talking in class, being late) and the court issued arrest warrants for the parents. WTF? I didn't believe her until two more parents chimed in and backed her up. They said the $75 was if your kid pled guilty. If you wanted to fight it, you had to pay $500 up front.

    You know, I get that kids need to follow the rules and respect the teachers and all, but having a cop write an elementary kid a ticket, sending him to court, and fining him for passing a note in class is fascist BS. No wonder the kids act out of control. Treat someone like a criminal and eventually they're going to live up to the treatment. I don't care what color you are, your kid deserves to learn in an environment that cares more about learning than about molding them into a .... oh what am I thinking? I was going to say molding them into a compliant work force that won't rock the boat or question authority, but that's what public schools are for.
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    And people wonder why I rant so against the public GOVERNMENT school system........
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    We have an exchange student coming to live with us for the upcoming school year. It should be interesting, that's all I can say. The school where I live doesn't give tickets for stupid crap, but after reading their student handbook it's clear they're not immune from PC idiocy. There was a nice big section about giving your kid written approval to be exempt from the flag pledges or being made to read the Declaration of Independence.... just a few pages before they yammered on about boys' hair not being allowed to be longer than the top of their shirt collar. Really? So long hair bad, but refusing to read the DoI is ok?
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    Only if Mommy, or Daddy, says so..... in Writing....
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