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    Okay, not a recipe per se, but a link to a place with a lot of good recipes. Since a lot of folks here want to find ways to cook more naturally, even find replacement recipes for 'processed' foods (such as things like Hamburger Helper, for example), then you might find this woman's blog very useful. She moved some years ago to an old farmstead in West Virginia to live off the land and unplug, so to speak. Anyway she covers a lot of different topics, but her recipes (some of which I've made) are pretty fantastic. I would say they fall into the category of natural, hearty, satisfying and damn tasty. Most everything is made using natural/unprocessed ingredients. Baking bread, making cheese, lots of good stuff here. In fact, some of her other areas of interest could be helpful for anyone looking to prep.

    Her blog is called Chickens in the Road. I've been reading her on and off for a good 6-7 years. I daresay her lifestyle sure is appealing.

    Check her out: The Farmhouse Table | Chickens in the Road
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    I am looking for Goose Berries to make wine and also looking to "import" MarionBerries from Oregon to add to my ever increasing berry growing patch ( If I can figure out how to keep this 800 pound bear from cleaning me out) Love that Blog Withak, that's right up me and the Wife's alley. I have another I need to dig up to share for you, right in line with this one!
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    Sorry off topic-

    I had never heard of a marion berry till I went to OR. It is a hybrid blackberry which may have issues with elevation and different growing climate. I do not think I have seen a blackberry around here. Raspberries grow great, at least until someone hits them with Roundup. @Ura-Ki if you do plant, please keep me posted on how they do.

    Here is a thread that someone from AZ did on blackberries- Blackberry Plants | Survival Monkey Forums
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    I love marionberries - so much better than regular blackberries. One of the benefits of being an Oregon resident.
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