Boeing 757's & 767's should be declared assault weapons

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Jun 17, 2016.

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    19 guys (scum) used Boeing 767's and 757's to kill thousands of men women and children on September 11th many more than the recent events using firearms.
    Given that the libs are calling for a ban on "assault weapons" I am calling for a total ban and confiscation of all Boeing assault 757's and Boeing assault 767's and if the Malaysian Boeing 777 flight turns out to caused by the pilots crashing it the Boeing 777 should be declared an assault weapon.

    The Gemanwings flight 9525 was caused by the copilots actions on an Airbus 320 killing 144 and being a Euro product should be declared an assault weapon and banned from flying over US territory.
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    As should semi-tractor trailer fuel trucks.
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    It seems that "assault aircraft" are a larger problem.

    This must not stand.

    Suicide by pilot is an event in which a pilot deliberately crashes or attempts to crash an aircraft as a way to kill himself and sometimes passengers on board or people on the ground. This is sometimes described as a murder-suicide.[1] It is suspected as being a possible cause of the crashes of several commercial flights. Generally, it is difficult for crash investigators to determine the motives of the pilots, since they sometimes act deliberately to turn off recording devices or otherwise hinder future investigations.[2] As a result, pilot suicide can be difficult to prove with certainty.[

    Suicide by pilot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Any car that can go faster than 80mph, can hold more than 20 gallons of gas, and looks sporty. Nobody needs a car that can exceed the posted speed limits, nobody needs more than 20 gallons of gas at a time, and nobody needs to look sporty, right? It's a freakin assault car, designed for nothing else but to go fast and kill whatever gets in its way. The weapon of choice of drunk drivers.

    And how bout them damned Hummers? VEHICLES OF WAR!
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    well... hmmm...

    had to go n give em even more ammo did ya?[LMAO]

    although they do seem intent on makin everyone walk to places within the cities/communities they will control...[cow]
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    Suicide and Homicide combine the gun related deaths in those two which are paltry compared to the other stats
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