Bubble Grinding Jig - for accurate bevels

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  1. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    What can I say... I always buy spares but I have 3 of these and don't need the other two...
    I can tell you that this works great and will give you an accurate way to grind your tools or surfaces to specific angles....
    Fred is a great guy and this has helped a lot of folks... works with any grinder....
    $80 from him....
    Here's the link for more info and how this simple tool works...
    Flat-Grinder's Bubble Jig
    Offered here at a discounted price for the Monkeys... $GONE each shipped Priority Insured with tracking to the USA only....

    Thanks for taking a look and helping me clean out the clutter ;)

    Have a great day!

    Take Care and God Bless,





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  2. techsar

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    Dang! Those went fast :)
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  3. Bear

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    Yup... @techsar proven grinding aide... lot's of folks learned how on these... well worth the regular price and this is a good deal...
    One shipped out today and still waiting for payment on the other so there might be one left if they have changed their mind ;)
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