Bugging Out vs Staying Put

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by blogger, Jun 20, 2009.

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    There is a lot of talk on this and other forums about BOL's. In my area of the country, a lot of people talk about bugging out to the Ocala National...

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    I am glad to see this topic re-visited, as each of us has situations that constantly evolve, and while change can be good it also can play havoc with pre-set plans. While each of us has different obstacles to over come, with what you stated within your blog I would suggest preparing a garden in your back yard if you have room, and becoming as self reliant as you can in your situation. Our home is our castle, and means more than the sum of it's parts. We have memories entrenched within it's foundation, and the desire to defend a big piece of us can be overwhelming. That being said, you have to be able to think clearly and seperate the emotional part of yourself from the rational part. I know that there is a certain point from which I would gladly leave my home and head to the ranch. I have a built in bug-out locations that are ideal for myself and my family. I would hate to leave my home, but in the end I would if I thought it gave my family a better shot at making it through whatever mess we are in at the time. Here lately, I have been giving more thought to making material assets easier to move, and I have been storing different items in containers that are conducive to quick retrieval. Guns and ammo can be loaded rather quickly, but food is another question. I have large containers for such, but would need time to efficiently stack food stuffs, boxed items, canned goods, etc. within the containers. I am fortunate that I have several trailers, and large 4x4 vehicles so I could carry a lot of my stuff. I would highly recommend buying a trailer if you do not have one already. It could possibly result in you retaining some of your possessions are having them lost while you are away. I would also recommend buying storage boxes to keep items in. It would make for an easier transfer in the event you had to get the hell outta dodge in a hurry. Good blog.
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