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    About 10 years ago, I wrote a Master's thesis that highlighted over 60+ different reports, most of them conducted by the GAO, that stated that Head Start programs don't work...never have, never will.

    The latest report (by the GAO) shows rampant fraud at the highest levels:

    Just the highlights: GAO says Head Start fraud started with agency chiefs - JSOnline

    So, what does the govt. do? Knowing that fraud exists, they throw TWO BILLION dollars, of which, not a penny do they own, at something that is an abysmal failure.

    ARRA funding = biggest fleecing the American worker has ever been forced to eat.

    Head Start, Early Head Start Programs Received Over $2 Billion in Recovery Act Funding

    As a nation, we're pussies I think...the sons of the Revolution would've never stood for such a thing. We keep on betting on tomorrow..."it will get better," but it's just getting worse...the hole is too deep now.
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    There is currently a big flap going about rampant cheating for scholastic tests in Atlanta, Georgia - many school districts being fingered. And it looks as if this may be nationwide in scope. Not surprising, as the kids aren't being taught substance, but only to pass the tests! And the schools all want to make a good showing.
    Since I have been been put on the IT team here that supports the Transcript transmission process, and we have to edit for many tests and their subject content and scoring, I am closer to this problem than many. We see a lot of problems from the districts, not following instructions, and trying to cut corners.
    The danged legislature is constantly changing the rules of the game, and seldon warning anyone. They get these bright ideas, and demand they be implemented, without realizing the work involved and the problems it causes. Then they demand the schools keep 'improving' their performance. Often, it's quickest and easiest to simply cheat the system, and hope you go to another job before it's found out! Bad system any way you look at it.
    And that danged "No Child's Behind Left Alone" program was a bust too.
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    we really need to go back to the real fundamentals
    teach the R's and skip the pretty filler garbage
    it shouldnt be about quantity of time spent
    but quality, dont matter you lock a kid up in school for 30 years straight
    if no ones teachin him, he aint learnin
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    Well, just teaching the 3 R's now results in the 4th R to most lib-tards and blacks (who see themselves as the victim): racism.

    Most of this touchy-feely crap is aimed at fostering self-esteem, not learning. Moreover, as long as whites score better than blacks or Latinos, people will be crying that the system isn't fair and sets minorities up to fail. Never mind that Asians smoke ALL groups academically (Indian's too) and please sweep under the rug that the likely cause of this is that the parents spend a lot of time making sure their kids know their 3 R's.

    In the field, it is known as "academic disengagement." Additionally, the parents view education as the school's job. So, lowering standards so that every kids passes doesn't make them any smarter...just hurts them in the long run.

    Rich, Black, Flunking | Feature | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area News & Arts Coverage
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    i meant the 5 R's, you left off respect and responsibility
    once people learn mutual respect and personal responsibility
    there is no racism
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    I am a racist. I do not have a problem with being a racist. I used to support the civil rights movement but we made a greivous error and instead of teaching them to fish, gave them the whole damned lake, restaurant, pan, and cooking oil. That wasn't what made me a racist. I recently decided to become a racist to take the venom from the label. You want to call me a racist? ok? I don't have a problem with it. By today's standard, it no longer has any impact on me. Put that in your crack pipe and puff it Doggy-dog.
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