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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by the dog, Dec 25, 2007.

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    back in the summer i traded for a mill.it had a coarse palte with it.i got it for the reson to grind animal feed...one day....then with all this GM corn and the talk about how bad it is....well i decided i might like to try to grind my own corn meal and flour.i found a place to get a extra fine plate and now i have the ability to grind flour.the extra fine plates cost $45....so it is a nice addition to my homestead .anybody eve use this type of mill...its a model 60.
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    I want to eventualy get one with the various plates and the wheel on the side with a 'V' so you hook it up with a belt to a motor of your chooseing but also has the handle on the wheel so you can hand crank it if no other motor is available.
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    BTW I have one of the $20 or so cheapies and it works BUT to get the grains fine enouph to cook with you have to grind it at least 3 or 4 times and to get enouph for say a loaf of bread would take grinding for 2-3 hours at least.
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    annie.....that is where i got my extra fine palte from ..those folks were real nice to deal with and i had plate in jsut a few days .those tops models with all the frills are expensive.but i have the "mill only" down at bottom of page.it has the big v whell for use with a belt.not sure what i will use for power thoguh.gas engine or a electric motor.i ahve a 5 h.p gas..but i would like to not hear the roar of the motor while grinding.

    high prices...the mill only last week was $455 now i see their price has jumped to $549.everyhting is going up and fast.we are headed for some hardtimes this year for sure.everyday i go to work and am sure they will give me the pink slip.but it is ok....my little homestead will keep me fed..deer..catfish...and garden....and hopefully this year some grains for my grist mill.
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    Not to mention UPS is raising their rates across the board beginning the first of the year. Argghhhhhhhh!!!
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    I am looking to get both a hand and electric grain grinder as well as meat grinders which one actually work ?
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    County Living grain mill is one of the best that can be driven by hand or motor, but it is usually about $400 unless you can find a used one...pretty rare because everyone who has one keeps them.
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