California Judge needs to remember what country he lives in.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mechwolf, Nov 10, 2011.

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    OK I read this story earlier and it really bothered me.

    California District Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against School Which Forbade American-Themed T-Shirts on Cinco de Mayo « Doctor Bulldog & Ronin

    Now I have celebrated Cinco de Mayo with family and friends many times. It does have a place in certain communities in this country. However stepping on our constitutional rights of free speech in order to be politically correct is wrong in my opinion.
  2. beast

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    good thing i dont live there, id show up nearly naked :D
  3. Mountainman

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    Kommiefornia, what can you say??? Move out of the state, let it go to hell and give it back to they don't want it when it's full of their own people.
  4. tacmotusn

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    Actually I would have little problem with the state been divided in half. Northern California starting somewhere just south of San Jose and going north to Oregon. All the Illegals and Gangbangers, and taggers could have the lower half. Most of the Water is in that Northern half and also the port of San Francisco/Oakland.
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  5. Falcon15

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    Kommiefornia standard garbage. I'm with MM. Vote with your feet. If the school was (ostensibly) worried about the "potential for violence" in their school due to a couple of tee-shirts, perhaps canceling any and all celebrations and recognition of non-American, non-recognized holidays would be a solution. American taxes pay for that school. American taxes pay the salaries of the school employees and the court employees. Whatever you may say, I grew up in Miami. Cinco de Mayo was huge in certain portions of the city. They had street festivals, parties, bands, food, great fun to be had. Those were, however, outside, on public streets, not in schools.

    I recognize that we, as a nation, are comprised of many people from many different cultures. That does NOT mean you have license to take my tax money and teach, celebrate, or recognize any NON-American holiday in MY schools. What is next? Mexican Constitution day (November 5)? Armenian Independence Day (September 21)? I CALL MALE BOVINE FECAL MATTER. Vote that idiot judge out and vote in a real American. Conversely, we can call up FEMA and have them relocate all American nationals out of the state (preferably to the nearest Fema Camps, where the majority of the Kommiefornians will end up anyhow, if martial law is instituted, and where they will cease damaging this country's politics) and sell the state back to Mexico. Either way it is a gain. Just sayin' YMMV.
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  6. Seawolf1090

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    Vote with your feet? Howsabouts VOTE OUT these professional apologists and unAmerican politicians and their Justice System lackeys!? TAKE the state back for Americans! Get rid of judges like this dimbulb, get rid of the Boxers and Feinsteins and pelosis.
    California is a very beautiful land - if one can look past the Libtarded idiots residing there. We shouldn't have to 'give back' any property just because the Leftwing Morons currently control it - get rid of THEM! Give THEM to Mexico...... [monkeyeating]
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  7. Falcon15

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    s'what I said. Vote him out, or leave. The only solutions are either to change the dim-bullbs or cut them off at the tax revenue.
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  8. jasonl6

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    Voting someone out is not always an option. When you live in a state that has 9 dummies for every smart person your simply outnumbered at the polls. Vote with your feet, when the state finally take a dump you can do back and set up camp.

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  9. Mountainman

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    You beat me to this post. Impossible to vote the idiots out when idiots are who voted them in and continue to re-elect them. Like minded people like us just need to leave and let it go to hell. Oregon has a lot of Californians here and continuing to move here. I'm afraid they might bring their Libturd way of thinking with them and bring this state down. Not sure where to go if this happens?
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  10. jasonl6

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    We have had allot of people moving north from NJ and lower pa to near where i live over the last 10-15 years. The come here because they want to live in peace and quite and the country life. Then they show up at every township meeting demanding that the dirt roads be paved. They get it paved and then complain that people are driving to fast because they roads are paved. They want the country feeling without the country. Those same people complain that a neighbor spreads crap on the field next to there property that the farm's family has owned for 100 years. The country needs a reset button so the hardy can make it and the week can go away. Maybe we can take a couple states like California, New York and Washington Dc and isolate them from the rest of the country.

  11. Tikka

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  12. Alpha Dog

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    Im not sure but I think our country is the only country where outsider's come and our goverment force us to passify them. Most countries are proud for thhe children stand proud for the flag or other country trait's. We had a school attempt to force us to quit wearing the dixie shirt's and at that time all the Black was wearing malcom x or dr king shirts and nothing was said. We all showed up and had numerous other students to show up if they suspended us they would have had to suspend over half they school. That was funny which we didn't change the rule because they feared a law suit so they made homey stop wearing their's. I guess if Big Brother starts taking the right's from our children they wont have as much resistance as time goes on.
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  13. wideym

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    In Arkansas/Oklahoma there has been a marked increase in the past 20 years or so of older folks who moved to California durning WWII for the war industry jobs to move back a few years after retirement.

    Most of my grandparent's brothers and sisters moved back because they can't live in California on their retirement income due to increased taxes (although they live very well here on it) and increased crime in their neighborhoods they lived in for 50 years, yet they still vote straight Democratic ticket at every election.

    Their kids (in their 40's -50's) are every bit as liberal as you could imagine and their grandkids are even worse, regarding us Arkie-Okies as backwoods, inbreed, racist, idiots, who's only goal in life is getting a piece of their sister (except for the Clintons of course).
  14. STANGF150

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    You wanna roll it back. Get rid of Welfare. Then those that Work will survive, & the lazy will either learn to work or die. As a bonus for the Feds, there will be less money paying out to the lazy, & more Taxes coming in. Course for a few years afterwards, the BlingBling making industry will be in a severe economic slump as the lazy realize Food on the table becomes more important than looking cool to the homies.
  15. Pax Mentis

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    Actually, there has been something of a movement around here for years to create the State of Jefferson from the northernmost counties of Calif (N of about Redding) and the southern half of Oregon.

    I might even favor such a state if there was care put into it's constutution to assure that the California section doesn't turn it into Caifornia North...

    In the end, though, I'd probably rather blow the Siskiyou and Canyon Creek passes and the tunnel on Hwy 199 and isolate S. Oregon...
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  16. Mountainman

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    Then take out Ashland and were good!
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