California State Sen. Leland Yee Indicted on Weapons Charges, Was Gun Control Crusader

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    Yet another anti-gun hypocrite..

    California State Sen. Leland Yee Indicted on Weapons Charges, Was Gun Control Crusader - ABC News
    A California state senator busted on arms trafficking and corruption charges in an FBI sweep has a legislative record of fighting for stronger gun control laws.

    Behind the scenes, Leland Yee, 65, offered to connect an undercover FBI agent with an international arms trafficker -- all in exchange for campaign donations, according to a federal complaint.

    During the investigation, the undercover agent mentioned his desire to spend as much as $2.5 million on automatic "shoulder-fired" weapons and missiles, the complaint said.

    After several months of planning, a meeting with a trafficker was facilitated earlier this month in San Francisco, the complaint said, in which the group discussed their plan for getting the weapons from the Philippines.

    "Once things start to move, it's going to attract attention. We just got to be extra-extra careful," Yee said, according to the complaint.''

    Yee Spearheaded Gun Control Legislation

    One month after the Sandy Hook massacre, Yee helped introduce what was seen as one of the toughest pieces of gun control legislation in the country to ban the "bullet button."

    The device allows for quick-change magazines on military-style assault weapons and is legal under California's assault weapons ban.

    Yee's legislation was eventually folded into a package of proposals that were vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October 2013.

    After the veto, Yee said he was "recommitted" to passing his legislation and said it would "protect the public while keeping an appropriately narrow scope."
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    I am not at all surprised at the fact this low life hypocrite would do such a thing. It's all about greed and control, and the quest for power by any means. Honesty and truth, ethics and moral living, the golden rule, and the (ten commandments, which have little to do with religion, but an awful lot to do with living a peaceful proper life in society), are all concepts looked upon as stupid and unnecessary by a majority of society in the USA today and in most of the world. In that I don't mind being counted as a minority. I am sure I am among friends here who think much the same. I am no angel, I break rules, but I am actually aware of right and wrong and the consequences of such actions. This politician deserves a long prison time. I have doubts he will even go to trial and be found guilty. Truth and justice and "rule of law" are seldom applied to the elite.
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    Not just a hypocrite... I can't think of a word strong enough for such a scumbag that missuses his power to bend the rules just so he can profit from it.

    Why arms? Can't he make enough money doing insider trading, selling drugs, child pornography, or human trafficking like the rest of the bunch (his co workers)?
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    Yeah, what everyone said above!!! Should have the term "I love you long time" memorized fairly quick when he goes to prison.
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    Being a politician he is soft and not ready for the trials of prison life. At least issue the dainty some knee pads. :)
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    I am hardly a conspiracy theorist but, Approaching the 2014 mid term elections it would seem to me the Dems are purging their house of all the obvious liabilities so they can claim to be lily white virgin clean and pure, and taking care of their own bad eggs. Of course for that to be true either the FBI would have to be complacent or due to a dime being dropped they were being used. jmho, but who really knows. If this plays out the way I think it will, just before the elections, the Dems will be throwing tons of dirt at Republicans and Tea party candidates making such a stink that true or not, they will seem clean by comparison. It's all such an evil lopsided game with the media in the Dems pocket.
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