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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Vetter, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Vetter

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    So, I bought a 870 ATACS. The camo pattern is amazing. Soooooooo, I bought all the stuff to cover everything I own in it. :)
    I got everything setup this weekend, so I dipped my Choate 7mm rem mag stock. For my first dip, It actually came out better than the finish on the factory 870, or so I think. Those amateurs......... lol
    The Choate stock looks a little fuzzier bc the stock has alot of texture.
    What do ya think?
    2012-01-23_19-45-20_912. 2012-01-23_19-45-20_912. 2012-09-16_17-04-32_603. 2012-09-16_17-04-32_603.
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  2. gunbunny

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    Looks great! I have yet to get ahold of some ATACs to see how well it blends into the surroundings of my AO, so I can only give points for asthetic appearance.
  3. Warscent

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    SSPX0049_copied. ATACs is my fave pattern.Ive painted all of my rifles in a similar fassion.
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  4. Silversnake

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    I got turned on to the A-TACS FG for the woods in western Washington. Am considering trying to replicate it on an AR.
  5. Vetter

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    All put together.
    I'm going to replace barrel, and when I do I plan to dura coat it and the action in a tan.
    Going to ATACs the scope too. But not until I have to remove it to replace barrel.
    photo1. photo1.
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  6. Hispeedal2

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    I would like to see more on the dipping process and prices. Is it a tough job or can any trained monkey do it?
  7. CATO

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    There are quite a few YouTube videos on how to do it.
  8. Vetter

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    It's not too hard. There are guys that have $10k dip tanks and guys doing it in plastic tubs with similar results. I personally have a large SS tank that was used for secondary containment in its previous life(free).
    Water temp seems to be pretty critical and a filter system would be nice, If you planned to dip more than one piece.
    Ill probably add both to my tank. Having the rights tools helps too. (I used to paint cars at a hot rod shop in college).
    I also designed a coating line in the automotive industry, so a little experience is helpful.....
  9. Warscent

    Warscent Corus corax

    Local prices for an ATACs dip in my area is about $200 for a hunting style rifle and $300 for an AR.
    I prefer shitty spray paint for all my paint jobs.Ive used a sponge to make the real ATACs,but prefer the smeary look using a rag instead.
    Your rigs looking good Vetter.I do want to try some kind of "home dipping"kit if theres one out there,but spray paint is fun and ive been spraying everything for years.
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