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    Yet another reason to not answer calls from unknown numbers and use encrypted digital comm on phones.
    Just another pain in the A$$.

    Remember ANI can be spoofed to say your local police at your local police number or the FBI.... ANI can be spoofed..
    Caller ID spoofing - Wikipedia
    The truth about the "Can you hear me?" scam - CNET
    You've probably gotten the call. It starts with a question like, "Are you a homeowner?" or "Can you hear me?"

    The point of these questions, it turns out, might be to get you to say, "Yes."

    According to some reports, your "yes" could then be used to sign you up for a service you didn't ask for and -- should you protest -- the scammer will then playback your verbal agreement to intimidate you. This scam has previously targeted businesses but is now allegedly going after individuals.
    The Detroit Free Press reports the Better Business Bureau has fielded complaints from 62 people. Wisconsin's BBB says 50 people have reported receiving such calls. CBS News reports that authorities in Pennsylvania and Virginia have issued warning about the phone scam.

    In none of the reports, however, has an individual been scammed out of any money.

    Snopes classifies the scam as unproven because it has yet to "to identify any scenario under which a scammer could authorize charges in another person's name simply by possessing a voice recording of that person saying "yes," without also already possessing a good deal of personal and account information for that person, and without being able to reproduce any other form of verbal response from that person."

    Still, don't say "yes"
    Even if the scammer doesn't use your "yes" answer to attempt to sign you up for an unwanted service or product, your "yes" can still be valuable because just by answering you have proven that your phone number is active and that you will answer calls from unknown numbers. The scammer can then turn around and sell your number and others as sales leads to other solicitors of questionable repute.

    How to avoid being scammed
    To avoid being scammed or -- perhaps, worse -- having your number added to additional robocall lists, follow these tips from the BBB:

    • Do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize (duh).
    • If you do answer and are asked questions that seem to be fishing for a "yes" or "no" answer, do not respond and hang up immediately.
    • Never give out any personal information over the phone when you are unsure of the caller (also obvious but worth repeating).
    • Make a note of the number and report it to BBB Scam Tracker to help warn others.
    • As always, check your bank and credit card statements regularly for unauthorized charges.
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    Got a couple of these call on the business number a few months back, I have a habit of just hanging up on calls that sound telemarkety without a word.
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    "Do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize"
    This doesn't seem like a good idea to me for a number of reasons. Granted they might be a crank or scam or telemarketer but they also could be from someone important. Recently, my friend in Tennessee got in an accident and while it wasn't real serious it shook him up and he couldn't find his mobile. One of the folks that stop allowed him to call home but the wife wouldn't answer because she had been told exactly that 'Do not answer calls from numbers you do not recognize.' He tried to contact her for 90 minutes before he finally gave up and called a friend to come get him.

    I think the rest of advice is solid. It certainly never occurred to me that saying 'Yes' could turn into something. And, I currently got a telemarketer calling me that plays the same game every time...3x now. She plays like her headset isn't working right when the call is connected. In fact, she does ask if "Can you hear me now?" I normally just hang up but will tell her 'No' next time and see what happens.
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    Him - "Hello, I'm from XYZ service provider. Are you the person responsible for paying the XYZ bill?" (I get this from power providers trying to get me to switch to take advantage of low cost alternatives.)

    Me (interrupting) - "I'll save you some time and breath, I don't do business over the phone, send the offer documents to me."

    Drives 'em nuts, they keep trying to sell and record me as I hang up.
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  5. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    If it's a robo-call. I hang up instantly.

    If its a survey, I hang up instantly.

    If it's a human with a take-control question like "How are you today?" I ask for the purpose of the call. Then I hang up.

    If it's someone who wants to provide a business loan I ask them how much they want to lose. I only manufacture tax writeoffs. I never pay interest or repay the loans. Usually I move to Brazil with the money.
    (Hello? Hello?)

    Then of course there's
    "Radio JKY, Hello!--You're on the air!"
    (Hello? Hello?)

    I'm thinking of trying
    "Secure Line. Ready for Encryption. Trace Active. Authenticate." next.
  6. VHestin

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    I'm careful about phone calls, but sometimes I do answer because my sister tends to get a new cell phone number and not tell me. Last time was when she called me but I didn't recognize the number, except that it's from Washington state where her and our paternal family live. And they left a voicemail...scammers tend to not leave voicemails. So I called back, and found out our uncle had died.
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  7. BTPost

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    I just answer " Good Morning, Excursion Inlet, can I help you?" Usually if they are NOT Ligit, they just hang up...
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    I heard about this scam on the radio yesterday. Thank you for posting this because the more people know, the sooner these scammers stop. I get lots of calls and people ask is this _____? It is habit to say yes.
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  9. TnAndy

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    "Good morning, Dept of Defense, you are on a secure line, Sgt Smith speaking"
    That puts a crimp in a lot of them....ahahahaaaaaa
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  10. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    What eats me is that its looks legal.Cant we just shoot that "fine" business gentlemen ?
    So i always answer, and ask for a billing address :)
  11. azrancher

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    Simple, I speak to them in half Spanish, broken English, it goes something like this... Si' we have taken care of Hillary, but es necesario por eehh cleaning crew, esta es blood everywhere, we will take care of the body...

  12. ghrit

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    "(Town name) home for wayward sailors and unwed fathers. How can we help YOU?"
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  13. Gaowlpoop

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    "County Morgue" works well for answering the phone, or perhaps "physic hotline, you have the wrong number".

    "It's done. And there is blood everywhere.

    I scammed a scammer today-----got him for about 20 minutes of his time. When he finally figured it out, he was not happy.
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