Canada - Syrian Immigrant Crisis "not our problem"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Interesting #s out in the news today....
    .gov was expecting a huge wave of donations from my fellow cannucks to aid and house syrian immigrants in offered to match "up to 100 million" and were expecting far more than that...what did they get?
    $12 mil.
    Doesn't get much clearer than that. We're not just polite...we're quite a generous nation...

    "By way of contrast, Canadian donors pledged $230-million in disaster relief in the weeks after a massive tsunami washed across southeast Asia in 2004. And they offered more than $200-million in humanitarian aid when an earthquake rocked Haiti in 2010."

    That $ came DIRECTLY from the people....not some .gov rubber stamped foreign aid package.
    Seems to me that if we're "voting with our charity dollars" - the peoples wishes are quite clear.


    Ottawa extends pledge to match donations to victims of Syrian conflict
    The federal government has extended its commitment to match donations to registered charities that are helping victims of the Syrian conflict after the money offered by Canadians over the past four months fell far short of an anticipated $100-million target.

    Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Minister of International Development, told reporters on Thursday that the previous government’s offer to double the amount of eligible Canadian donations will continue until Feb. 29.

    The Conservative government made the initial pledge to match contributions up to $100-million in September, the week after the world reacted in horror to the photograph of a drowned Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach. It expired on Dec. 31, by which time the donations had not yet reached $12-million.

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    And yet, both of our governments still do not listen to the people and continue with their madness!!!
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    I wonder what the gov. end game is. These radicals are not going to listen any better, even if marshal law is declared.
    These refugees are worse then animals. I really hate to say that but I am not seeing a lot of goodness in these people.
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    @Mindgrinder, didn't that come out that the toddler did not exist? Or am I wrong? Sorry if I am.
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    I interpreted the title wrong at first, I thought Canadians were ignoring the potential problems, thinking that if the Syrians were welcomed 'properly', they wouldn't do anything bad. Glad to hear it's that they're putting their foot down instead in the only way the government will understand, financially.
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    I read that too somewhere....the family is in Canada now i think.
    Look at this cowardly act...

    Unknown assailant attacks Syrian refugees with pepper spray outside Vancouver welcome event

    A crowd of refugees attending a welcome event at the Muslim Association of Canada Centre in Vancouver was pepper sprayed by an unknown man on a bicycle.

    It happened outside the centre on the Kingsway near Victoria Drive around 10:30 p.m. as the event was winding down and the group of newcomers to Canada was waiting for a bus."

    While i'm not in support of bringing large amounts of potential threats into my country....i find this act quite cowardly and frankly....embarrassing.

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    Or one Brave soul making his statement?
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