Carnivore Diet: 2 months.... 30 pounds

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Blackjack, Jan 11, 2008.

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    I'm pretty amazed at this way of eating. It's been 2 months now, and I've lost 30 pounds.... and that's with about 6 days of cheating through the holidays (and when I say cheating, I mean uncontrolled food orgy).

    I got my bloodwork done last week:

    Blood Sugar down - diabetes under control.

    High Blood Pressure down low enough to not worry about.

    Bad Cholesterol Down

    Good Cholesterol Up

    And all without any of my medications that the big pharma whores prescribed to me.

    And I NEVER let myself go hungry. I eat when I'm hungry, eat til I'm full, don't give a damn about fat
    (your body eliminates it).

    I feel much better all the way around. I sleep better, I have more energy, much fewer aches and pains in the joints. "Gastrointestinal" problems are a thing of the past.

    I'm just absolutely blown away by how great this is. I'm continually amazed every time I step on the scale.

    Another amazing thing is that (I was told this and I didn't believe it) when you drop the carbs, you don't get as hungry after a short while. Believe me, I was a total chow hound before this, I'd eat a giant meal and be starving to death just a few hours later. For me to have gone 8 or 9 hours without eating was unheard of as I'd get really irritable and feel terrible. Now it's not uncommon for me to go 13 or 14 hours without eating because I'm just not that hungry. Absolutely amazing.

    My normal days food now is something like this:

    Breakfast: I'm usually not hungry and don't eat, but if I do have something, it's usually 2 or 3 boiled eggs.

    Lunch: I usually make 2 mushroom and swiss cheeseburgers (no bread) wrapped in lettuce. Sometimes I'll bake some fish fillets (no breading) in butter with parsley, basil, and parmesan.

    Supper: Often it's baked chicken or fish, sometimes pork chops or a steak. Often with a very small portion of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus or green beans.

    Late Night Meal: I sometimes make a can of green beans with ham, or I'll eat a can of spinach. Sometimes I just snack on cheese or I'll roll up some cheese in beef slices from the deli and nuke'em.

    If I'm craving something sweet, I'll have a little peanut butter..

    To drink I have a lot of kool aid sweetened with Splenda (very tasty), and sometimes just water.

    I cheat about once a week and eat any hi-carb food that I've been craving. Last day I cheated I ate a pint of chocolate ice cream, pancakes with maple syrup, 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese, and a Tony's pizza. So cheating about once a week or so apparently doesn't hurt the diet.

    I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight.
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    Way to go, Blackjack!!
  3. SeptemberMage

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    I'm glad I read your posts. I was always happier and healthier when I cut out the carbs. I'm going to get back in shape, and thats where I'm going to start. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. clemsonguy81

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    nice job hope you lose the type 2 diabetes
  5. Falcon15

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    Awesome progress!
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